Everyone investing in the United States or want to get more market share

November 16th, Renren chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou said, " in all online; IPO after seeing Wang Xing, he sold us to thank the school, and said no school, no renren.com today. He is very modest, said everyone’s success is our own good, I am very moved. " Chen Yizhou has said that if the Alibaba does not invest in the U.S. group net, Renren will vote, although the U.S. mission network and glutinous rice network competition, " for those who have helped us, eternal gratitude: This is my philosophy of ". Chen Yizhou plans to invest in the United States and the United States Mission network, causing speculation.

Chen Yizhou intends to invest in the U.S. mission network, was strongly dissatisfied with the investment bank and condemned. One investor said that if everyone uses the company’s former investment in the United States Chen Yizhou group is the interests of shareholders and shareholders in disregard of the company. Investors believe that Chen Yizhou should be more focused on the company’s operations and receivables. If you do not invest in the United States, it means that Chen Yizhou does not count, lost the integrity of executives of listed companies. Some investors think: " if you continue to have a big mouth, everyone will let you worry about the prospects for the company. "

10, renren.com released third quarter earnings performance is poor, the reason for the decline, people management will be attributed to the burn group purchase business. According to the reports, the last quarter with its new rice produced a total of 18 million 900 thousand dollars promotion expenses, directly to all the company net profit of 6 million 200 thousand dollars into losses.

In spite of the fact the burn

group purchase does not deny that the weekend still boasted to continue throwing money on Chen Yizhou, but the investment object is glutinous rice network competitors meituan. Although the industry generally believe that the U.S. mission network and the network is sticky development the most robust two group purchase website, but some people argue that shareholders in their own business, lost to each other, Chen Yizhou wants to transfusion to the competition behavior is questionable.

Renren underwriters one of the U.S. investment bank Pacific Crest is not optimistic about everyone’s investment behavior. In November 24th, the U.S. investment bank Pacific Crest analyst Evan · Wilson wrote: " we originally did not mind everyone spending (because of) the company is seeking to develop rice network, social network and the market is in the early stage, so everyone must be spending in order to maintain the competitiveness, it is not surprising. However, the level of investment has been shown to be far more than the level of management predicted less than a year ago, and the company is expected to be generated from this investment activity is far less than expected. These investment activities, a large part of the Chinese social networking market ‘serious homogeneity’ response, we have mentioned this before. "

everyone has glutinous rice network, and now plans to invest in the United States and the United States Mission network, Chen Yizhou’s surface mean to repay the U.S. mission network Wang Xing >

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