Everything is ready Chinese domain universal represent the general trend

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft said that in the first 7 days after the release of the official version of the IE browser in the first 4 days, the amount of downloads has reached 3 million times. IE 7 has a lot of new features, such as support for transparent PNG, built-in news aggregator, etc., for Chinese users, the biggest advantage is that it supports the Chinese domain name. At this point, the Chinese domain name will enter the stage of popularity, the future use of Chinese domain names will be more reasonable norms. Back in 2000, CNNIC launched a global Chinese domain name service in the world. Today, Microsoft’s strong support, Chinese domain names in the Greater China region and even the global popularity has become a major trend.

"national top ten" and "national trustworthy unit" Internet Era (www.now.cn) as CNNIC (China Internet Information Technology Management Center) the Chinese >

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