28 department stores jointly launched the Tmall double O2O special


technology news November 3rd afternoon, November 1st, intime business, Wangfujing department store, Grandbuy and joy, 28 Department Store Group 317 stores officially involved in the two eleven shopping Carnival O2O special, as long as consumers open the Taobao mobile phone to go shopping, not only can eat double integration in eleven before and the day of completion of the online and offline drink purchase in eleven, can also enjoy double online after Carnival time.

33 cities enjoy online and offline shopping

it is understood that this year’s double eleven, 28 Department Store Group 317 stores will participate in the O2O concert, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Changsha 33 city.

In addition to

in last year’s double eleven has joined intime business, the initiative last year announced "willing to do Tmall double eleven fitting room", and joy around the famous department stores such as the Wangfujing department store, Grandbuy, Tianhe City, Hongkong new world department store, Ginza department store and other commodities, the people’s livelihood, all brands are also articles settled mall participate together.

from November 1st onwards, as long as consumers into the stores, enter the mobile phone Taobao click on the "discovery" after the "shake", you can directly enter the "double eleven" related activities to participate in the activities of eleven pages, double envelopes, coupons and sweepstakes, seckill, and iphone6 can be obtained, such as the right to use the car for a year award.

In addition, Taobao

mobile phone will also be a joint Department store to open up goods, membership, payment and other electronic full link, to bring consumers a shopping experience online and offline interaction.

online card, exclusive double discount of eleven

November 1st, Taobao mobile phone consumers landing "my Taobao", can use the card vouchers my package directly to receive electronic membership in each department of the group membership card, and online to receive a eleven discount and double gold, double eleven day shopping in the settlement can be obtained using the direct show.

it is understood that the total amount of gold currently 28 Department Store Group launched more than 30 million members up to 30 percent off in the exclusive shopping discount. In addition, if the double eleven day directly Alipay payment is completed, will also be additional can participate in multiple activities to draw red.

line counter funds first online while selling

intime business and Wangfujing department store under the line of goods will also be the first time into the double eleven O2O special. The selection of a department store in the 1500 brand clothing, bags, perfume, jewelry and other items to launch special counters, extremely preferential prices in the double 11 day, consumers can directly online purchase orders. As selected nearly 300 explosion models. For example, FANCY van Xi lady handbag in the locomotive rivet for the price of 399 yuan, while in the store counter price of more than 3000 yuan. In addition, Benefit’s best known lard

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