Jingdong 618 this year what is different

last year "618" was dubbed the history of the Jingdong the strongest anniversary month, but perhaps, this title is used to describe this year more appropriate: the most fierce and most widely participate in the promotion, the most brand category. This year is the tenth year of the development of the electricity supplier Jingdong business, we have pressure, but more power." Jingdong marketing senior vice president Xu Lei frankly. Although after 2 months of preparation, but in the face of their 100 million users, always calm the Jingdong is not so calm, saying "before" expectation and excitement in the eyes of Xu Lei.

number of employees

within a week of a thousand

from the Jingdong 618 anniversary month to start, but only 1 weeks, every day is the decisive moment of the Jingdong. "At this moment, we’ve been waiting a long time." In May 14th, Xu Lei went to Majuqiao storage center, and warehousing, distribution staff chatted, feel everyone is "extremely excited state".

according to the schedule, activities will start preheating in May 29th, officially launched in June 1st, and reached a climax in 17, 18, 19 days, until the end of June 30th, lasted for 1 months, the Jingdong has been called "Dian Qingyue" or "red June".

in order to promote this month, Jingdong departments have done a good job in the preparatory work. Every week, Jingdong will determine the current sales and orders, and then communicate with the human resources department, the recruitment of manpower to do the front.

Xu Lei remember very well, last week, the number of employees is more than 29 thousand, as of late May, the number of employees will grow to 30000 people, including operations, marketing, finance, back-end support systems. "We all know that this year is the ten anniversary of the development of e-commerce Jingdong, but also understand the significance of the ‘618’ for the development of Jingdong." Xu Lei said.

Jingdong is involved in the whole category, including computers, digital, mobile phones and other 13 traditional categories, millions of goods. This year, the new on-line super business as well as flash group business is also planned. According to the Jingdong side said, in category wide, fervent promotional efforts is "ten years".

brand merchants

participation ratio was 1/4

this planning, operations have brought great pressure. "We are under a lot of pressure, mainly from the promotion of service requirements." Xu Lei told reporters. Mention 618 Xu Lei heart full of emotion, he is the person in charge of the Jingdong, 10, the "618", after a lapse of two years, he once again become the general plan of activities. Everything as usual, but the face of the user turned nearly 10 times.

09 years when the user is not too much, probably 1000-2000 million." Xu Lei laments. But in April 23rd of this year, Jingdong announced its users exceeded 100 million. "At that time the promotion is a single day, is now a month." Since 2009, every year in June will become the Jingdong anniversary month". >

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