Analysis of the new version of the 4 drilling exhibition should be how to play

The new version of

4 Diamond show in May 16th officially launched, the shop because running a long time, has become a 1000 store in the first opening, from the beginning of exploration to now has been basically familiar with the new features, it has been 4 days, this day will come with the old version and the new version of the comparison, to share the next version of the drill should show how to play.

first, the new version of the home page to increase the effect of today’s launch and history of the effect of contrast, you can choose any day of the data to do horizontal comparison. But I believe that if the plan is consistent every day, the same price is also the same price, the contrast is a little value, otherwise, the data will not be able to refer to the value of the.


second, a new version of the management plan, each plan is equivalent to a promotion plan through train, each plan starting price is 300 yuan, that is to say each promotion unit requires a minimum of 300 yuan to set up promotion. For the seller is no doubt that the budget is very unfavorable, the amount of the need to recharge more. Click to enter the program can be set up a number of plans, that is, before the location of each plan requires 100 yuan to start the lowest price, and now there is no threshold. Promotion unit 300 yuan can also put in the same position, each segment of the program can be set according to the ladder bid, a lot of project purpose is to grab traffic can use the low price, this is a great help for reducing CPC, especially for the large budget of the sellers. Of course, for small sellers, multi plan is also very good to reduce CPC, just need to maintain some amount of money on the account.


in addition, the new version can be put in accordance with the provincial level, the old version can only be divided into southwest northwest, East, north northeast, south of Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan four regions compared, is undoubtedly the flow accuracy has been greatly improved. For example, some of the conversion is relatively poor, or is not the basic transformation of the provincial level can choose not to invest, reduce waste. This idea must be based on order data to make such a set, otherwise, the sample data is too small, probably because of seasonal reasons in some provinces of high conversion in some months, cannot be used as reference. The new version also adds the function of delivery as soon as possible, the old version can only put outside the station, if is the premise for some time of some shops into particularly high, you can put all these in the budget period as soon as possible on the choice, the so-called good steel used in the blade is the truth. But this is only theoretically feasible, but also need to test a large number of sample data to get results.



in the sub plan, a new function is added to the local management of creative management. In other words

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