List of DC service providers in Guangdong

    at the beginning of the site, Baidu many times, to find a lot of IDC service providers, after use, compared to feel the need to organize the content down, when you use the convenience, can quickly find the IDC service provider you need.
      in fact, only in Guangdong Province, there have been a lot of IDC service providers, which is divided into core operators, ordinary operators, a class of agents, ordinary agents and other levels. If the direct purchase service operators in the words, you will find that in general than the outside agent is more expensive, so I do not recommend you buy products directly in the operators above, when recommend you buy, you can find some agents, why choose an agent, rather than the general agent, agent the same products, different levels of agents can get different prices, sometimes an agent of the price, than the general agent to get the price even lower.
      we should pay attention to each agent which is the operators of the products and services, general agents are just selling products, and customer service service and technical support are provided by the operator, so the agent’s service and product quality are the same, and operators. The choice of when is the first major comparison operators strength size, service and technical conditions, and then select the operators under the agents will be able to obtain high-quality services at the same time, but also can obtain relatively low prices.
    more than purely personal point of view, does not represent any corporate groups, so we can serve as a reference.

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