A few examples of social marketing of e commerce website

recently, Twitter red day by day.

how do you use it? It is common practice: 1 to encourage consumers to follow company or company spokesman twitter (founder of twitter); 2 every day to see what tweets referred to the company name brand name, to understand the consumer.

Buy.com recent Campaign can learn from:


1 to customer Follow Buy.com Twitter

2 Buy.com will be released on Twitter one after another problem

3 the answer to each question is a product, you have to run to the Buy.com product page, there will be another problem

4 to find all the answers to the question, you have to run to the Buy.com Facebook Wall write down all the answers

5 was the first to write all the answers to the students with the prize

appears to be similar to the problem Buy.com has to sell a mobile phone, it has 16G memory…… Or Apple’s ad appeared in a product, the lowest price Buy.com……".

and others "please Follow our Twitter" Campaign, Buy.com get more:

1 participants really have to pay attention to Buy.com’s Twitter, have to look at it

2 participants will learn more about Buy.com (what it sells, how the service is, what the price is)……


3 participants are guided to the product page, and the answers to the participants will also be directed to the product page

said I think of a long, long, long time ago, and Zhang Tongxue and the community has done a similar campaign, huh, huh, huh.

and an online shopping forum cooperation activities are:

1 forum users can go to my office at that time to choose the company’s products, and will be released in the forum, said, "I want XXXXXX, because…… It’s link in MarsOpinion.com is http://s.marsopinion.com ‘id=123’

2 want the same product of the students can be the top posts to make the product post the hottest

3 is the hottest, most people are discussing "want" products will be arranged with a starting price of 1 yuan auction, only registered users of the forum have the right to auction.

that’s a good activity

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