n the winter of the new Adsense buy platform A5 buy

2010 is the year of the domestic Internet group purchase group purchase website, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain erupted, while the A5 group purchase is attracted to the industry in the webmaster friends attention, A5 group purchase in fact very early, mainly is the first flat-share host, has now developed into a full product group purchase webmaster, today a brief talk about the A5 group purchase for a few webmaster interests.

1, save money

save money is the last word! The purpose of group buying is to let everyone buy cheap goods at a cheap price. Webmaster here is of course to buy their goods before prices Xinmu, hundreds of thousands of resources are now tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars you can buy! So many cash strapped owners can buy their love resources, to know the webmaster in many of them are not second occupation, or student life, money very tight, every input is live frugally. However, the development process of the site is to have a capital investment, and now has a A5 buy for the role of these owners can be self-evident.

2, multi resource

after observation, we can find that the A5 group involves a large number of resources. From the initial A5 host group purchase has now developed to the webmaster needed resources: SEO software, SEO, VPS, tutorials, host business systems, marketing software… Etc., can be said as long as the station needs here will appear, but because A5 itself is a webmaster kind website, and interactive webmaster well, what is the owners need to know more. What is needed, what will be introduced.

3, integrity

in the recent boom in domestic group purchase there have been several causes of group purchase website credibility is low, and let the user group purchase loss of things, while the A5 group purchase rely on behind the powerful strength of the industry for many years of stationmaster net proved its reputation. In the webmaster circle can be described as a mobile position, the credibility of the natural self-evident. And A5’s excellent customer service is also the week.

4, specification


A5 group purchase has a detailed product description and explanation, there are detailed instructions and screenshots of the function of the product, including product upgrades, renewals, service, feedback, common problems and so on all detailed show to the webmaster consumers, this specification system has broken the webmaster of the product doubts to understand, the detailed function of products, to choose whether or not according to their own needs. The difference between this and some network operators in the product description on the webmaster obviously fool talk ambiguously. And A5 selection of products must be mature, after the market test and a certain user base and reputation.

5, network service provider of bright

Internet is too large, so many network service providers in making a good product can not be very good to the audience, because it also needs to promote the network, which is a long process. And now there is a group of A5 is not intended for them to buy >

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