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Groupon through Tencent in China

January 17th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said, Groupon is working with Tencent to establish a partnership to accelerate its expansion in key Asian markets.

terms of trade are unknown, but are said to be involved in a joint venture. For Groupon, this is an important strategy to enter the Chinese market.

Groupon into the offshore market is usually the acquisition of the largest local group purchase website, and renamed Groupon, such as the acquisition of uBuyiBuy in December, Beeconomic, Atlaspost, Groupon, Groupon were named as Hongkong Singapore and Taiwan Groupon.

entered the lucrative and local Groupon market with numerous clones of the international market, Groupon is the recent financing of nearly $1 billion and plans to IPO (initial public offering) a major strategic reasons.

in China, the United States has become a popular brand of Internet cloning. But no matter how many Groupon cloning sites, most of the growth in Groupon or from overseas areas, and Groupon’s future strategy also comes from the international market.

of course, in the global expansion, especially in the Chinese market, for many other U.S. Internet Co, such as eBay, Google, Facebook are difficult. But for Groupon, especially the company plans to IPO, need to expand the advantages of competitors, such as LivingSocial, must be covered with huge Internet users in the Chinese market.

therefore, taking into account the Tencent is one of China’s largest Internet Co, Groupon and Teng communications cooperation is clearly a plus choice.

in addition, there is a close link between Tencent and Groupon: group.

sources said, has a 5% stake in Groupon, while Tencent is one of the investors in, in November 2010 IPO. from the Internet investment company DST is also an investor in Groupon. DST CEO Yuri · (Yuri Milner) is also chairman of

Groupon in China’s performance will be different from the previous peers look forward to.

Groupon declined to comment, Tencent has yet to reply to mail access. (Chen Guo)


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