Biography Alibaba intends to B2B company intends to buy back YAHOO stake

Beijing time on February 10th, according to Reuters, two people familiar with the situation, Alibaba group plans to be listed on the Hongkong Alibaba B2B privatization.

informed sources, according to the trading plan, Alibaba group will use the proceeds of the loan and its own cash, as well as some of the assets, repurchase YAHOO held 40% of its shares.

due to wait for the parent company to release significant news, Alibaba B2B company on Thursday at the HKEx suspension.

YAHOO Holdings Alibaba shares valued at $14 billion, according to the current discussion of the plan, the Alibaba will repurchase 25% of the shares, the company plans to use the operating assets of a shares to pay 1/3 repurchase funds paid in cash, the rest.

informed sources, Alibaba B2B most likely to become the operating assets of YAHOO holdings. The two sides have made clear the plan, but have not signed any formal agreement.

up to now, Alibaba absolutely comment.

had news sources, YAHOO is considering ways to trade asset replacement, in order to circumvent the huge tax. Alibaba group is now planning a loan of $3 billion, of which some of the funds used to repurchase equity and privatization.

Alibaba group currently holds a 73% stake in Alibaba B2B, which is close to $6 billion market capitalization.

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