Taobao DC or the seller will be forced into the The whole army was wiped out help you platform

I opened a small shop in Taobao (, selling some of the domain name space server and other IDC products. Recently wanted to release a new product, but Taobao should prompt me to help you in the platform, I hand cheap, to suggest a way to next, I can help you successfully join the platform, join immediately after aware of your rather baffling shangliaozeichuan.

Taobao I help you platform which day is not very clear, it should be the last two months. Someone called the domain name on the Internet is very good to remember, I rely on Taobao. A simple look at this platform, I rely on, this is not the Witkey platform? Pig, pig, do you feel dangerous?


does not want to do too much evaluation of the platform itself, I only from the perspective of a Taobao IDC sellers Tucao it:

1 overlord terms, forced into

IDC products in addition to enterprise post office, the domain name, virtual host, server rental, etc. are all included in the mandatory service market category, must be settled in my platform to help you release products. The old product must be upgraded, after July, the product will not be forced to handle the shelf.

of Taobao said it Speechless, their product manager just come up with a perfect platform, whether you are willing or not, are not appropriate, will be forced to join, join it! In addition, domain name host class the product itself has a variety of specific specifications size, is a virtual product completely quantifiable, does not belong to the category of goods services. Website development, web design, image processing and so on can be counted as service products, IDC products, and QQ currency cards, prepaid recharge belong to virtual goods.

2 system is unstable, the technology is not perfect

now released new products "under the category of old baby", "a key upgrade". However, according to the prompts click upgrade, many products can not be successfully upgraded. Either prompt or no response. A key upgrade and can not upgrade.

according to some of the user response, service market ranking rules exist problems, completely copy the baby title search, can not find the baby. A lot of stable general products in the upgrade disappeared, ranking has disappeared. To the user has brought great economic losses. When there is a user response to find customer service consulting, customer service, said the first time I heard that I help you platform, Taobao is not fully prepared, it is necessary to push the garbage platform.

3 approval is not high, user habits have not yet developed

did not say first platform product pages are ugly, the page style and general merchandise page difference service commodity is too big, style design, layout is completely different from the traditional baby show page, is a great challenge for the general user. For long

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