Household electrical appliance enterprises get together nternet profit model problem to be solved

standing typhoon mouth fly! Now, companies are scrambling to Internet appliances "typhoon" run.

March 17th, the United States and Alibaba held a strategic cooperation conference in Hangzhou, the use of the United States and the United States and the United States cloud technology intelligent air conditioning officially unveiled. On the same day, Haier released in Shanghai, the world’s first intelligent life operating system, Haier said through the system, the user just 12 seconds to achieve interoperability with all smart home terminal interoperability.

March 16th, the third generation of small Swan smart laundry baked, the precision of the product into the detergent industry for the lowest error.

industry insiders sigh, now the home appliance industry will talk about intelligence, we all expect, standing typhoon mouth fly, with the help of intelligent appliances and Internet bridges erected, so as to realize the Internet transformation.

, however, the daily economic news reporter noted that want to reach Taiwan air outlet is not easy. On the one hand, the characteristics of white, small appliances determines its intelligent face multiple technical bottleneck, on the other hand, through the intelligent bridge to achieve Internet, facing challenges and profit mode, the traditional home appliance business good hardware manufacturing, the lack of Internet genes, the Internet has also become another problem the.

enterprise Internet dream

in March 17th, in the United States and Alibaba cloud strategic cooperation press conference, the United States has also released the smart things air conditioning three appearance, eight models, proposed in 2016 to form a complete industrial chain of intelligent life, to change the traditional industry model.

tried to make a clean break with the traditional home appliances ". In March 10th, the group of the United States held M-Smart wisdom Home Furnishing Strategy Conference at the headquarters in Foshan, when the position is "relying on the advanced technology of the Internet of things, cloud computing, the United States will be a traditional home appliance manufacturer, changed into a smart Home Furnishing maker."

another appliance giant Haier earlier proposed the internet". In 2009, Haier began to try to change from a manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented enterprise. In 2012, the network strategy was put forward.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter rough statistics, in the white field, at least Haier, Midea, MeiLing, CHIGO, Little Swan, Galanz, Hefei SANYO and other companies presented their "intelligent" strategy or released intelligent products.

however, intelligent and not with Internet equated. So how to connect with the internet intelligent


‘s vision is to build an open ecosystem. The ecosystem, including the hardware circle, like some chips, sensor companies to develop hardware products. There is content circle, such as the introduction of ink weather, wine net, weather, commodity services. Third is the platform circle, with ALI, HUAWEI and other companies together to create a more open platform. >

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