Amoy webmasters were provided free of charge station Taobao group management system

after a month of online adjustment, Taobao group management system in Amoy passenger station ( (hereinafter called Amoy rat) officially released


(guest in official demo screenshot)

for our grassroots webmaster, flow is our fundamental, make money is the last word! And choose a good program will make our webmaster more handy!

with the development of the Internet, Taobao also launched several relatively off procedures, such as: Taobao, Amoy Dongdong guest, guest, fashion a dark Empire, Amoy bubble and so on! The market moving degree is fierce, each program is a function and unique view of


in this environment, Amoy rats as a free Taobao station group management system, like a dark horse into the ranks of the webmaster, so this has been disturbed by Taobao ignition off the market again. According to the official responsible person to Amoy rats, Taobao customer program is relatively more, many webmaster use Taobao do stand off procedures can be realized, but many grassroots webmaster is not a Taobao customer sites, many webmaster have dozens of Taobao station groups, grassroots management is relatively difficult, such as a Links all need to login to a lot of backstage management, also need to set the relevant background, is to log on to a number of management background, this greatly increases the grassroots management time! Also has a lot of guest in the grassroots station is the rectangular function, here we list a few:


cloud: the official online upgrade to upgrade the new version, the user does not need to re upload procedures and site information, the official release of the upgrade information, one by one by the cloud automatically upgrade to the latest version of

in Amoy!

2, online installation function: users only need to download an installation file in the official, upload a taokeshu.php file, you can save a file upload job! (can be downloaded to the forum)

3, YunDuan Railway Station group management: the user to apply for an account in the official permanent free use program in Amoy, an account can manage tens of hundreds of sites, eliminating the need for users to a website backstage login management, save the site management time for you to save a lot of tedious work and


4, free maintenance update program after installation, product and website articles from Amoy cloud for everyone to automatically update the rats.

5, web site code optimization: search engine for the preferences of the site code optimization, such as: product URL address, store URL address, product image URL addresses are optimized…


6, stable and safe procedure for the program: a text database, make the program efficient high-speed browsing, even space problems, users only need to download the official version of the upload is good, do not need to worry about data loss


… …

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