The music business to accelerate the terminal layout push super partner counterattack line

music is trying to expand their territory, this time the target is the next line store. August 12th, LETV TV launched LePar super partner program, which uses the "O2O+C2B+ chip" mode of cooperation, the use of music as ecological resources, the establishment of online music as TV store experience, Pathfinder O2O.

it is worth noting that in August 8th LETV announced plans to refinance 4 billion 500 million yuan to extend the chain of funds, one of the announcements to LETV through financing will be developed into the largest platform company intelligent terminal industry. In other words, one of the strategies to accelerate the pace of the end of the line to build the store or music.

industry insiders believe that the LETV and millet technology as the representative of the Internet Co has formed a new business mode, when the network sales channel bonus has more and more hours, the next step is bound to expand the traditional channels, to "do not understand the Internet users, the line stores can not only form a sales blowout, also can quickly open area market.

addition, from docking multiple commercial predators have layout O2O to achieve online and offline, necessity of the existence of the line store experience has become the industry consensus, and will become the trend of the development of electric business.

online sales have been unable to meet the demand

according to the music as the introduction of TV, LePar uses the O2O+C2B+ congregation to raise cooperation model. Under the line, the music as TV will be established by the unified authorization management, unified standards, unified service, such as music TV experience store, to attract more partners to join.

When asked about the establishment of

as the next line store experience, whether it is because they met online sales bottleneck, LETV TV vice president Zhang Zhiwei told the "daily economic news" reporter said, LePar is not a channel platform, but a comprehensive service provider. LePar belongs to a regional service platform, in addition to display sales as their own products, as well as peripheral products, derivatives.

at the same time, he said, as the TV does not have a bottleneck, the pace of development of the industry more than the speed of development, the biggest problem is the habit of training users. Because there are a lot of music as ecological resources, such as a huge fan base, content advantage, nationwide logistics customer service system, business platform, fans and other interactive systems and user communities of big data platform, only the rapid size increase, in order to enhance the ecological value.

it is worth noting that, in August 8th LETV announced that it intends to refinance 4 billion 500 million yuan, in order to quickly make up for the company’s rapid growth in the fund short board. Music as expected through the next two years to invest in the past three years, becoming the largest platform for Internet video and intelligent terminal industry companies.

at present, as the music has a super TV, there have been rumors of the market as the music will enter the phone. In July 18th, investors LETV held a briefing, LETV CEO Jia Yueting announced that former vice president Meizu Mo cuitian has joined LETV as general manager of the overseas division. This seems to be confirmed from the side of the music as smart

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