T orange founder a start up company from 0 to 1 sentiment


This is the

in the seven km above the altitude of Guangzhou to Beijing on the plane, Haichun should be invited to share "IT orange and everyone" (itjuzi.com) 2013 sentiment: This is a start-up company from 0 to 1 in the course of course, is a small team of 4 people working hard, is a for the ideal road again, tired and happy of course, um, is a female entrepreneurial story.

why do you want to restart

a lot of venture capital circle of friends, I know from the beginning of the 17Startup.com, which was previously in the grand innovation hospital internal business projects, I do the first project after the switch from the media, also hope to take out as a separate company and entrepreneurial projects, but in the end because the negotiation is not too smooth, and I quit leave 17Startup, need to hit the road again.

at that time, the mood is low, adjust and rest more than 1 months, do not know, do business investment, or go to the company to do a product or business, but maintained every day and more than 3 people exchange frequency, talk about a lot of possibilities, but also many kinds of work, the result is in the face of SS, several partners get angel investor support, decided to start in 17Startup, on the basis of continue our unfinished products and services, follow the inner guidance, doing what I love.

in the end how to confirm the inner guidance and love it?

1) in the attention of domestic and foreign venture capital companies, investment on the cumulative investment time has accumulated more than more than 10 thousand hours, on the one hand can prove to be really like, on the other hand, that there is enough accumulation;

2) have the obsession, in a matter of thought too much for too long, found that there are a lot of not done, or want to do and want to do.

based on these two aspects, I chose to start again, from the beginning of the 0 to do something.

2013: accumulation and precipitation from 0 to 1

we are at the start of April IT orange, then 2 people, a start-up capital, in the Houde innovation Valley rented 2 stations, with 2 computer starts. From the beginning of the prototype design of white paper, the first phase of the work is to spend 1 months to do beta version of the product and the line, a process more familiar, but because the first version of the design function, too much time delay, by May 21st the first version of IT orange was on the line, did not do too much publicity, mainly in the circle of acquaintances and friends spread.

The line of

products, means more things coming, we think the most important thing is to do the number of companies this year, a 8000-10000 based build can develop value-added function, give up and give up some things, such as I will reflect slowed down the WeChat public account now

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