How to find a good sales network business

1: opening

the development of society, the fierce competition, the improvement of intelligence, to achieve the rule of trade: what can I bring to each other!

two: work goal:

looking for Taobao shop to sell the original ecological activated carbon, the total sales of

as a sales staff must first understand their own products selling point: the original ecological high iodine value of coconut shell activated carbon adsorption potent indoor harmful substances, but also the family a healthy and clean environment. It determines the effectiveness of its market: the owner of the house decoration, focusing on the environment of the family.

two: target customer base:

what Taobao store is most likely to sell our products? And the original customer base has been but is not in conflict with Taobao! For example: what customers need decoration furniture, flooring, bathroom?, curtains, wallpaper…… The decoration of the bathroom. The owner purchased the products in the Taobao shop, so he will need a harmful gas to human original activated carbon clearance after the renovation, then Taobao sanitary store sales out original activated carbon, activated carbon can make the original Taobao manager to achieve two times sales purposes, easily earn commission price so, good things, what is the reason not to sell.

also add: Taobao store baby single not willing to do sales, for example Taobao shop shop are all different brands of flooring, the shopkeeper Taobao store location: only the floor, do fine! Will not sell other products easily, and the shopkeeper on difficult sale shop! In the baby category many decoration related products almost cover the shopkeeper, want to build Taobao stores, baby more complete the better, and it will be easier to sell on the shopkeeper. In addition to the Taobao store sales, the ultimate aim is to achieve the best sales, looking for the high reputation of the seller, the seller is not only familiar with the high reputation of the Taobao sales process also accumulated a certain customer base will sell more.

three: on the starting point to sell

with the shopkeeper

with the treasurer on consignment, the most important to speak the first words! Do not use a "hello" as astepping-stone to success! See the shopkeeper a "hello" thought is the business and joy, the next sentence, "you can sell our home products" immediately cool heart words to the first! Introduce their intrigue: for example: "Hello! I am the original activated carbon 01 customer service, to bring you the good news" "Hello! I am the original activated carbon 01 customer service, would like to invite you to make rice" normal people cannot refuse the good news, make rice! < / p>The shopkeeper

caused interest in you, immediately enter the consignment theme. "We are the original activated carbon manufacturers, manufacturers supply very competitive price;" "original CCTV broadcasting brand, famous brand to sell;" the "original activated carbon adsorption potent indoor harmful substances, high iodine value of coconut shell activated carbon adsorption effect is very good;" "the decoration of the family environment family every family needs, the majority of the market"; "a generation to solve Yahuo troubles;"

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