Taobao brush Gang fraud has been arrested

NetEase technology news, January 6th news. At 22:26 this evening, Yuhang public security released micro-blog said: this afternoon, Yuhang police arrested 5 suspects in a district in Guangzhou, led by Zhang Yingtao. The 5 people suspected of "brush" first commit fraud, the large number of victims. Recently, the suspects will be escorted back to Hangzhou further review.

according to reports, this gang is the NetEase Technology issued in December 19, 2014, Taobao brush single thousand people cheated, involving millions of dollars in a text referred to the fraud suspects team. At that time, after receiving the news broke, NetEase technology reporter quickly launched an investigation, interview, and the first time reported the matter, causing the attention of Taobao and the police. In the process of obtaining evidence in the case, NetEase technology has also been actively assisted.

a lot of people cheated after hearing this news, thanks to the timely reporting of NetEase science and technology, but also expressed appreciation for the rapid response of the Security Department of Yuhang and the police.

for the next step toward the case, as well as other similar cases, NetEase technology will continue to focus on and report. (He Shulong)

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