Taobao ranking in the home page tips

now Taobao sellers so much, how can your own baby appeared in the home page, which involves a lot of skills, first of all, we analyze the ranking rules under Taobao.

a search on Taobao now search the goods are sorted in four parts, the order is as follows:

1, was set as a window recommended baby

2, although it is recommended window, but the goods have been purchased for 90 days.

3, not recommended by the window of the general baby

4, the general baby in the past 90 days has not been purchased baby

two. Taobao sellers countermeasures

(1) 9:00-11:00. To many of the best release baby, every hour baby release, prime time with competition: Baby shelves skills, let you always in the 1 row, the time before the 5 page keyword selection. We know that Taobao can choose between 7 days and 14 days. Some people are lazy, chose 14 days, it naturally lost a lot of opportunities. The choice of time, release the baby every day in the peak flow is generally prime time baby 8:00-10:00 3:00–5:00 in the afternoon evening, invincible. 2, batch shelves. Ideal shop baby to more than 800 good. Every day on the shelves of 100, these 100 pieces of the day at different times. In this way, we can ensure that every day every moment there are different baby is about to end. We must ensure that their products every day off the shelf, because when the shelf products in the buyer search will be in the front row, when people enter the end of the baby, to see if you have the ability to attract buyers at the other baby. Some people say, not so many baby how to do? Indeed, in principle, there are so many good. It also does not matter, pay attention to the shelf time, is to get your baby online when the end, while taking into account the possibility of your online buyers on the line.

(2): consumer protection. According to the ranking of the rules to join the ranks of consumer protection, joined the consumer protection. Wang shop also discounted, very cost-effective, consumer protection is a symbol of credibility, consumers value this.

(3): window recommendation. There is no more than the window recommended ranking.

(4): the title of the baby keywords to locate well, and try to use some of the key words, words as much as possible.

(5): the positioning of the price: the price can not be too high, can not be too low, should be on the Taobao search under the same commodity prices, according to their price positioning a price of their own goods.

If you do Taobao

sellers of the above points, your baby will appear in the Taobao home page, so you do not have to worry about the business, this certainly spend a lot of manpower, so we must insist, eventually the final victory belongs to you!!!

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