How to innovate traditional industries B2C

customer, the Jingdong’s success in all kinds of domestic B2C platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out: buy domain rent room shop system, PPC SEO, part-time post to buy advertising, trying to occupy the national and even global market, may ultimately survive is not much. There are many traditional industries are now involved in electronic commerce, it is innovative or pedantic? The general school as an example, we should draw lessons from its failure.

a, site positioning

for COM domain name and CN domain name, give up COM domain name and choose CN domain name, which has a great impact on long-term development. Formal website locates in the young, seemingly accurate market positioning is very vague, groups of young people on the dress needs in the university graduating students are, and they find a lot of work do not wear a suit, the market was not fully open, relying on e-commerce mode to open a market is very difficult, it needs great investment. The general sent the company even receive a bonus of 3 million yuan, but by 3 million will be able to dress up the young man Maipu sent up, this process is very long.


PS: site to do what, B2C is to divide the cake instead of cake.

two, user experience

for B2C, the user experience is mainly reflected in 2 aspects: 1 is the customer and the site, the customer and the customer to have a good communication platform, such as customer service, forums, etc.. only call, looks like the customer is God, but the lack of an important function: customer consultation and customer return so many times to send pictures, and telephone communication for customers not only have to bear the cost and it is difficult to communicate to the substantive content. In addition, the forum can improve website stickiness and establish reputation. Popeye the biggest flaw is the home page and the upper end of the Popeye forum, click after a construction page, such a gap for the customers, will reduce customer trust in the site.

PS: user experience is not just page layout, customer service forum is the core.

three, price transparent

any industry profits are difficult to use e-commerce mode profits, the so-called pop dress dress is thin wrinkle of the general polyester + confuse right and wrong, the fabric in the market viscose basically 100 yuan a set, and the site has sold to a minimum of 300 yuan. If this is the next line store would have very high no ground for blame, after all, the operation cost, and electronic commerce more outstanding performance, implement the puerile ideas. Net profit of up to 200%, which is all C2C or B2C sites are thinking but not dare to. As the saying goes, the thin water can flow.

PS: price may not be an advantage, but it must not be a disadvantage.

four, just open

water to clear there is no fish, negative comments sometimes more to promote the brand of plastic

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