Double 11 was Tucao false discount 60 yuan scarf rose to 900 and then discount

[Abstract] although each business platform gave no false discount, but rose after the first drop, inflated counter price still exists.

on November 11th at 0 in the morning, at the beginning of a "double" promotion of a minute, located in the headquarters of a clothing company in Tongzhou, part of the staff looked at rising sales, issued a cheer. Beijing News reporter Li Dong photo

weekdays love online shopping Fang LAN did not participate in this year’s double eleven". 198 yuan to buy a so-called scarf of about half a month after the scarf was found to be sold for $168, the price is actually $50 percent off, Fang Lan said last year, double eleven experience, not good.

Beijing News reporter found, and Fang LAN for "double eleven" with a lot of people, "the price rose after the first drop, insufficient supply of hard to grab," prepaid refundable deposit "and other issues we focus on tucao. This edition is written / Beijing News reporter Shi Minglei Liu Suhong

Tucao 1

rose first and then dropped

60 yuan scarf rose to $900 and then discount

in this year’s double eleven activities, the price is still the major electricity supplier promotional gimmick. Although each business platform gave no false discount, but rose after the first drop, inflated counter price still exists.

in accordance with the provisions of a business platform, as long as it is played "11· 11 Carnival price of goods, merchandise sales price must be counter price of 50% and below, and lower than the September 15, 2014 -2014 year in November 10th the lowest closing price. Beijing News reporter found that a variety of goods in the pre holiday to improve the original price, and even some commodities have never been in accordance with the so-called "original price" for sale.

Yang said that he in the double eleven before the collection of a variety of goods, there are a lot of commodity prices have gone up and down. Haier Living Museum of a commodity, in the double eleven day before the price rose from 69 yuan to $200, double eleven down to $69. Another shop a scarf 60 yuan rose to more than and 900, then dropped to 119 yuan.

previously, the country more than industry and commerce, consumer associations and other departments have been informed of the existence of false advertising and other businesses. Fujian Provincial Council recently informed, an electronic business platform "thunderobot flagship store sold a Raytheon THUNDEROBOT 911-E1 game of the notebook computer, shopping page in November 6th marked the original price 8999 yuan, the sales price of 6499 yuan, the shopping order confirmation marked 2500 yuan, advance 11". But on November 1st -11 3 and from October 12th to 20, the price of the commodity price of only $two for the time period of 5999 days, consumers do not enjoy the purchase now, but expensive $500.

Tucao 2

record incomplete

transaction record does not show price >

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