Liu Bing using data to explain what happened to buy the industry

28 push second task is to collect aleax 20W ranked within the group purchase station, master Mou Changqing emphasizes the importance of execution in the network to promote the work, and this importance, I finished second in Changqing teacher on data collection, analysis of the task in the process of experience more profound. In this article, I will share with you the experience and experience of data collection and analysis.

now the Internet group purchase station of venture capital is also often appear "lavish" investors, such as completed $110 million financing. At the same time to record in e-commerce website quantity valuation, group purchase is also rising, according to statistics, the CNZZ data center as of March, the total number of group purchase website has exceeded 3600, the average monthly growth rate reached 29.33%.

because of financial support, this kind of group buying site startups began in the portal, navigation sites, search sites, subway and building a large number of TV screen advertising. For example, when I ran outside customers last week, made a simple easy statistics, from the city’s Changsha office buildings starting until the bus and went to another office, all the way in a hurry to walk, can at least see 7, 8 Internet group purchase website advertising.

but a new website to carry out group purchase website promotion time, how can in no promotion cost, not enough manpower situation for network promotion, this is the problem of thinking.


is the first group purchase website promotion methods, which is the most effective? How to improve the efficiency, which is the focus of the promotion, forum, blog, community, quiz, chain, search engine, cooperation, to do, that is the most efficient, the most suitable method for group purchase website. This is only in the process of doing by collecting database to reflect. So in the early stage of the group purchase must establish a complete database, with the database to reflect the effectiveness of group purchase promotion, the only way you can clearly see what the daily traffic is coming from what website, which for most users, efficiency is only through complete data can accurately see the promotion methods, in the next time, I will establish a focus on website promotion methods and application of database.

Study on

group purchase website data collection and other fields, when we selected the corresponding research, an important problem is how to effectively collect data, to objectively and comprehensively reflect the network promotion behavior problems to study the real situation. In the study of network promotion, the method of data collection usually include observation, interview, questionnaire, test method, semantic analysis, content analysis and so on, as a field of network promotion, large Internet companies often use these methods, especially the methods of observation, interview, questionnaire and test method the case study, etc..

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