Cross border electricity supplier survey Sea Amoy but no import and export qualifications

a lot of claims overseas direct mining, direct cross-border electricity supplier platform, many commodities have not been able to get the direct authorization of the manufacturers, and even some platforms lack the basic qualifications to do import and export business.

– IT Times reporter Sun Yan Qi Yeyun

11 at the end of the "black Friday" in the country set off a sea Amoy hot, in addition to milk, diapers, health care products such as sea Amoy laosanyang, luxury shoes and bags, watches, cosmetics and other foreign goods have entered China through cross-border electronic business platform.

is currently Chinese common platform for cross-border electricity supplier has several modes: the global purchase by Jingdong and Tmall as the representative of the platform model; to ocean terminal, beautiful said HIGO as the representative of the buyer and the NetEase, the cloud model koala monkey, honey bud baby as the representative of the direct platform. A variety of different patterns, the same kind of commodity prices are high.

however, for consumers, the authenticity of the goods is the most critical factor can purchase decision, "IT times" reporter found that whatever the pattern, are difficult to fundamentally eliminate the doubt of consumers, many claims of overseas direct mining direct cross-border electronic business platform, many goods and direct authorization can not get the manufacturers, and even some platforms lack the most basic qualification to do import and export business.

number of first-line brand manufacturers told reporters, in the domestic only one to two authorized electricity supplier channels, some brands said only for online and offline channels, in the sale of the sea Amoy goods, they can not guarantee the authenticity.

question 1 cross-border electricity supplier platform is authorized?

reporter: Sea Amoy laosanyang authorized, but most did not authorize


: no direct Kao for any kind of platform authorization

The breakdown of

explosive goods major cross-border electronic business platform, you will think that Kao is the biggest winner: steam patch occupied urban white-collar shopping cart, diapers occupied mothers shopping cart, almost all comprehensive, maternal and child class of sea Amoy platform has Kao figure.

compared with the domestic supermarket sales of the product, the price of the sea Amoy naturally cheap. The steam patch as an example, in December 10th, Tmall group (China) official flagship store, three boxes of 5 pieces of equipment of the patch is priced at 114.7 yuan, the average gold price of 7.6 yuan, mainly self cross-border electronic business platform in the cloud monkey, NetEase koalas, honey bud baby, 14 pieces of equipment a box are usually priced between 65 yuan -79 yuan, the most expensive is not more than 5.6 yuan a. On Amazon’s website in Japan, the same 14 pack a box price of 945 yen (about $50).

German iron dollar also dazzling. Jingdong in the global purchase, reporters search for the German iron element ", there are 27 third party merchants in the sale of the products, the cheapest businesses only sell 199 yuan two bottles (99.5 yuan / bottle), is the most expensive 155 yuan per bottle.

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