Taobao small sellers how to shop

Study on Taobao small sellers shop operators

recently the author has been obsessed with Taobao now do as everyone knows, people very much, the competition is fierce, so small Taobao manager in the supply of goods, price, resources and other adverse circumstance how the author combined with their own actual talent shows itself? The recent experience about Taobao manager how small the operation of their own shop.

first question is why we want to set up shop in Taobao? And not to choose Dangdang, yes, even build an e-commerce site, Taobao on what gives us the seller? The answer is very simple, that is traffic. Taobao is like a large shopping mall, there are a large number of precise intentions to buy a clear flow, which is a great temptation for us. The small sellers in the above shop is a competition for the flow, who can compete for more, who is closer to success. Our competitors are similar to the quality of the price of the same product, then how to beat them?

we first simulate the most customers with a purchase behavior: a customer wants to buy a commodity, the first Taobao home page, home page has many entrance, this is a huge battle for the flow of many businesses. The most commonly used search entrance as an example, in the Taobao search box to fill in the keywords you interested in, and then enter the relevant page, browse the related products, while few products that interest you, comparison, turn off your eliminated page, is finally leaving you most satisfied with the goods, and payment for.

through an analysis of the above purchasing behavior, we can draw two views:

1 your goods must appear in the customer’s line of sight, if you can not let customers find you, then you do not have any chance.

2 your goods are in a competitive relationship with the goods around you, and you must make sure that your goods are absolutely attractive.

this is the comparison of marketing, Taobao’s marketing is actually a continuous comparison of the process of continuous selection of customers, only the best products to get the favor of customers.

above are talking about the theory of consumer buying, then how to do


1 to create superior products

for small sellers, the most feasible approach is to concentrate all the power to create several shop shop best selling products, do not be greedy. How to choose the advantage of goods? First look at their own business shop in which one of the most popular commodity, there must be research digital base, and then target the key words of the same page seven or eight products open at the same time, analysis of what they are selling, summed up their own selling point, must let their baby on this page is the best.

2 to do the advantages of baby related marketing

you focus on the advantages of baby to choose a good, but also to do a good job of these several related marketing, through these baby

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