Wang Huiwen vice president of the United States Mission Network buy site winter is coming

YAHOO science and technology news Beijing time on July 7th news, today the U.S. mission network officially announced the acquisition of $50 million B round of financing. Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission network, said the United States mission is in contact with VC C round of financing.

Wang Huiwen says the United States of this round of financing for removal of a large number of employees, continue to recruit training work, more important is to deal with the group purchase website winter.

Wang Huiwen explain the reasons for the arrival of the winter group buying site, because the group to buy prepaid mode to buy a lot of cash on the site, but also a longer period. Once the purchase site financing becomes difficult, which means that a large number of consumers have been spending cash to buy the site and no cash. Buy site will owe consumers, businesses huge sums. This will cause the avalanche effect, once the group purchase industry has two or three companies appear this kind of circumstance, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Buy site will enter the winter.

Wang Huiwen believes that the current situation of the capital environment is that the capital market for financing and valuation of more stringent lead to more rational investment in the Internet for the VC, which means that many sites increasingly difficult to get financing.

Wang Huiwen said after the emergence of group buying mode, so that the Chinese Internet first large-scale prepaid business model. The prepaid service and the property market in 90s uncompleted similar pattern. Wang Huiwen said the real estate business in this mode has closed down a lot of companies, there are a lot of company bosses with money fled. Wang Huiwen said that if you buy this site, the whole industry will be a severe test of the credibility of the group. Wang Huiwen saw Shi Yuzhu jokes in Chinese currently only have the ability to spend money and then consumers can all be also on arrears.

Wang Huiwen says the United States now every day there are hundreds of thousands of single, monthly payment to 8, about 90 million. Wang Huiwen says the United States is currently losing money in order to control is very strict, the gross profit margin of less than 10%. But still in the current industry to buy a higher level.

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