On the road the future of Taobao business will go where

if someone and you mention e-commerce, most people will think of the first reaction to Taobao.

why, perhaps because of its influence in China’s electricity business, perhaps because it is the first national sales, it may be because you are a Taobao.

here in my view and share


since it launched in 2004 by the majority of the China people’s welcome, its purpose is to provide a good platform for Chinese Internet shopping and transactions, to build the leading domestic personal online trading market and business community to provide online business services for millions of members worldwide.

many people suffer no ability to carry out their own online store, and then some other platform is charging. Taobao brings great benefits to them, so the first settled. And Taobao rely on Alibaba will soon be pushed to the front of the majority of buyers. The winning the biggest secret is traffic, expand the site traffic is the lifeline of a web site in the C2C industry. It turns out that Taobao’s energy is worth it. Whether it is the traditional media or the size of the site, whether it is street or alley everywhere Taobao advertising. Behind these traditional means, taobao.com and more powerful killer, that is the network marketing. Taobao.com use network marketing brand charm, including search rankings, and other forms of network, network marketing, Taobao keyword heavily to buy a lot of large search engine rankings, as the result of the flow is amazing. It is like the traditional large-scale shopping malls, so no matter how good it is to look into the useless.

industry experts believe that the development of the Internet after two stages of information and entertainment, is about to enter a more advanced stage of the third – business. The rise of online shopping in the number of Internet users and the number of online shopping mall, which become a hotly contested spot. Taobao’s online shopping service attaches great importance to the user’s online store experience, Ma Yun told his staff of two provisions: first, the customer is always right. Second, if the customer is wrong, see article 1. Sufficient to demonstrate its importance to the user. Cultivate and develop online shopping loyalty by providing users with access to the frequency of shopping and personal trading sites. In addition to adjust the site planning, to store their browsing and interactive needs, taobao.com opened specialty stores, attract different people to maximize the characteristics of goods to meet the individual needs of customers, have a snowball effect, the formation of community consumption places great. Their marketing idea is: first shop, after the transaction.

In addition, Taobao

also established its own payment system, it is Alipay, Alipay announced in July 6, 2009 that the number of users exceeded 200 million, has been used in our country is the largest number of the third party payment platform.


also has its own chat tools, Ali Wangwang, it will not do more to explain.

in November 11th this year, is the day, let the country "

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