College students should start from the shop

with the 2009 fresh graduate is approaching, more and more severe employment situation, the huge unemployment rate, the country has been called on entrepreneurship, because the state did not explain how college students should go into business? See related articles a lot of friends, generally of entrepreneurship students have a pessimistic attitude, but I do not think so. The author thinks that entrepreneurs should act, everyone can venture, entrepreneurial success and not everyone can do business, but to feed myself and did not imagine so difficult. I suggest that this group of college graduates, to start from the shop is a very good choice.

1: entrepreneurship is the first condition of funds. We used to calculate how much does it cost to open a shop, the first domestic case of Taobao, as long as you can operate a computer, will use the Internet, you can open a shop, basically do not need to cost. Foreign trade EBAY as an example, relative to the requirements of EBAY is more complex, need to have a certain foreign language ability, I believe that the ability to graduate or have it, the other costs, the author has done experiments, the opening of new stores, sales of goods value below $100 a week, the cost will not exceed $10. Cost. Their specific for domestic or foreign trade need to find their own shop shop. If everyone else starts telling you what to do and what to do next. For anyone who can venture success. Do not need too much money to open an online shop, you need to choose.

2: entrepreneurial experience. In the traditional entrepreneurial industry, the experience is tuition, I do not deny that there is a shop on the Internet to buy someone else’s experience in tuition fees, but this is not necessary. I have been in the country dozens of City organizations on the Internet to set up hundreds of shops training exchanges, each for the participants are free. And other similar activities will be more and more. At the same time the Internet is so developed today, a lot of rules can be found through the search, as long as the use of snacks, time to learn to get experience. What do you do not need to learn? I have summed up the reasons for the failure of some people shop, the real reason for the failure is lazy". Lazy to learn rules, lazy learning experience, lazy to go out to participate in the training exchange.

3: the risk of entrepreneurship, I have seen a blog, with its own as an example to analyze the business risk, low investment, low risk, high investment, high risk, overall success in business is very rare. He forgot the analysis of a shop, the "0" investment? The author has statistical analysis of probability 0 shop investment success, is also very low, about 3/1000 or so, and the necessary conditions for the success of statistics is the net income of entrepreneurs need more than 50 thousand yuan per month. Even if it is not successful, for college students, to feed themselves should be no problem. To the last open shop failed, in the process of opening the shop to learn the same user communication skills and experience in the future work can also be used to.

4: entrepreneurial stress. There is no father and son in the casino, the entrepreneurial field is not necessarily good to go

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