E commerce market Taobao small sellers can go far

this article conceived for a long time, but has been unable to publish. When the financial crisis, governments at all levels throughout the country, Gexianshentong, pushing the electronic commerce security of employment; and the national media 35 days will pop up a report – so the seller, how to make the number of days of thousands of RMB, who do buy a car and Taobao. This article is not accidental and people "against"? At any time may be taobaoer RMB to death.

I just want to write their own experience, it may be wrong, do not represent the public opinion, the small sellers do not necessarily include you, I believe you are the best, with your ability and cleverness can, win glory in battle, and ultimately become a generation can affect the development direction of electronic business network.

there is no denying that at this stage there are some small sellers unprecedented pressure, pressure source analysis:

a, price pressure

Taobao above the seller is basically do agents, resulting in homogeneity is very serious. In the case of limited purchasing power, more goods than customers, the same goods, customers must buy cheap. How to do it? In order to get the deal, we have to cut prices. This small sellers and sold slightly different, because the big sellers of large shipments, even with a higher level, their purchase price will be lower than the purchase price of small sellers, so the same price, sellers may be puerile, finally can still profit; and small sellers may be white cattle, even at a loss.

two, brand pressure

Taobao sellers above the 80 and 90. Customers are basically buying these two generations. The two generations have one thing in common: they have an attitude of worship to their peers, or to a larger number of successful people. Under the influence of worship psychology, big sellers and small sellers get treatment is completely different. For the big seller, the buyer as an idol, from the initial worship evolved into recognition, and then evolved into a favorite from the recognition, we all know that the love of this stuff is great, like love. Prices may no longer be the decisive factor in the purchase. For small sellers, new water e-commerce, not with the size to mask a feeling. Because there is no big seller of the brand effect, so many buyers consulting time, for small sellers, only the heart of the heart, fast, professional reply buyers in exchange for a deal.

three, financial pressure

we all know, shopping at Taobao, Alipay in general funds where the "play" a few days, it is easy to cause the small sellers funds fracture, turnover funds are not, small sellers forced three days fishing net for four. Old customers, natural wastage. No money, without the support of the old customers, to the shop to become bigger and stronger, only have this "magic" ma.

four, spending pressure

N years ago, one of Taobao’s advertising slogan: "we have more than 200 million baby as you choose". There should be three hundred million or four hundred million now. Want >

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