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Chinese domain name:

you may remember in July this year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) annual meeting in Paris, the ICANN Council unanimously adopted a resolution of important, allows the use of other languages including Chinese as Internet top-level domain character. So far, the Chinese national code "China" will be officially opened. Means that, in addition to the traditional.Cn,.Com and.Net English domain suffix, the Internet will be the first time ". The non English domain name suffix China", "pure country code top-level domain Chinese the China domain name" will be formally integrated into the internet. The day before, GOV.cn has been the first to start using the "GOV.cn government." Chinese special domain name. At the same time also used "China government. Government, under the State Council. Chief, general office of the State Council. The government, the Central People’s government administration portal." a special Chinese domain, users can directly access through these special Chinese domain the central government portal in the future. The opening of a series of Chinese domain problem came out, which is conducive to further strengthen the management of the government websites? Whether users habits change from English domain directly using Chinese input to find the site? If the browser supports Chinese domain? How to solve this problem? Whether users can apply for Chinese because the domain name is a domain name? Chinese text composition before and after the same text sort is not the same, but the meaning is the same, so if this is how to manage, how to standardize the application,

is really a problem!

.Cn domain name:

Beijing on December 7th news, according to the Internetnews website, the domain name registration service provider VeriSign company found that ".Cn" the number of domain names in the year to the third quarter year-on-year growth rate reached 76%, has surpassed Germany’s domain name".De ", to become the world’s second largest top-level domain. The company released a report in June this year, the number of.Cn domain name was more than.Net, second only to.Com and.De ranked the world’s third largest domain name. Just over half a year, ".Cn" domain name has a great leap, think, China is really cattle, almost every industry has a place in the world, it is worth rejoicing. CN domain name is developing rapidly, from a single web application, the development of blog, shops, mailboxes and other rich applications. Due to the popularity of the CN domain name, domain name registration in recent years the price dropped lower and lower, once by hundreds of yuan to dozens of yuan, down to 1 yuan experience activities, at this time China CN domain name registration price seems symbolically charged 1 yuan fee, also caused the CN domain name has ranked second copies from the domain name list, let foreigners feel the power of country Chinese. But from this, a lot of CN domain name due to low prices, resulting in both adults and children have to register a name of the CN domain name, plus the enterprise, the number

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