Cut the hand of the party who network history begins here prodigal


Tmall double eleven day trading volume of 91 billion 200 million yuan, the United States Black $five net purchases of $2 billion 720 million, the United Kingdom is $1 billion 100 million…… If there is a common interest in the world, online shopping is certainly one of them.

before reaching this let us pain and pleasure chop hand realm, but electronic trading has come a long way. But in the end who is the first person to buy electronic transactions he bought what is the E – commerce company Shopify recently launched a short film, trying to trace the first single e-commerce transactions.

compared to the traditional trading model, e-commerce is often criticized by the point of concealment is strong, easy to breed a variety of illegal transactions, and this inherent weakness in more than 40 years ago was verified.

"What the Dormouse Said" this book describes around 1971, a student from the Stanford University using ARPANET and MIT’s "companion" of marijuana. Author John Markoff regards it as "the origin of e-commerce before Amazon and eBay".

however, the video pointed out that these students are just put the network as a communication tool to discuss where to meet it, and no money in online transactions, so it does not claim to be a true e-commerce.

as a law-abiding citizen, scouring the Internet is the real meaning of wear to eat amoy. In this regard, the buy buy buy no resistance to the majority of female compatriots is undoubtedly the main force. At home, online shopping is indeed the beginning of the creation of women (although controversial), but a 72 year old woman.

(Jane Snowball MS)

in 1984, a British woman called Jane Snowball using Videotex (interactive visual data, is a television display of communication), in the local supermarket orders to buy groceries. She has never seen a computer before, but these actions on the TV remote control has created a new era.

August 1994, NetMarket sold a Sting album, the seller with a credit card online payment of $12.48, which is the world’s first single encryption technology to protect online transactions (but Internet Shopping Network and claims that he is the first person). NetMarket’s boss, Kohn, is full of confidence in this technology.

even if the NSA is listening, it is impossible to know the credit card >

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