To profit cybersquatting geosun Net domain name was convicted of cancellation

computer network domain name registration to apply the principle of the first application, that is, who first apply for registration. However, if the purpose of the registration is malicious, then the first step is to facilitate the registration of successful registration will eventually be attributed to futility. "Market leader" was informed that the day before, in Quzhou city intermediate court together with the network domain name infringement case, a registered domain name is sentenced due to malicious cancellation. Since the defendant filed an appeal, the case has entered the second instance procedure.

Jie Yousheng domain to sell 150 thousand

from Dongyang City, south of the town of Chen, on August 2007 13 to the Quzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Qujiang branch to apply for individual industrial and commercial households business license, opened a clothing firm. In August of the same year, he registered by Chinese million net "Jie Yousheng on the internet. Net "computer network domain name, and the name of" GEOSUN "on the computer network on the distribution of apparel business promotion.

Chen cybersquatting geosun "and the use of the name" GEOSUN "is not stolen, in fact they are registered trademarks of an enterprise. This company is Ningbo geosun Lighting Co. Ltd, the trademark is also in Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau identified as "Zhejiang province famous trademark". It is self-evident that Chen cybersquatting "Jie Yousheng. Net domain name is obviously a map.

, according to Jie Yousheng lighting company after the incident, Chen had by telephone, proposed the "Jie Yousheng. Net "domain name to the selling price of 150 thousand yuan to the company, he also said that if the deal fails to be the domain name for resale to others.

trademark court to discuss

it is reported that Ningbo geosun Lighting Co. Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of outdoor lighting appliances, products enjoy a high reputation and good business reputation in the industry. In 2002 the company registered "geosun" trademark, approved for use: freezer, lamp, electric cooker, electric lamp, spotlight etc..

September 7, 2007, Ningbo geosun Lighting Co., Ltd. for trademark infringement, a lawsuit, the defendant Chen to the Quzhou City Intermediate People’s court.

on the court, the plaintiff pointed out that as a trademark exclusive right, which attaches great importance to the trademark registration, renewal, rights and other maintenance work, and invested a huge amount of advertising and maintenance costs. Jie Yousheng (GEOSUN) trademark has been named "Ningbo famous trademark" and "Zhejiang famous trademark".

The plaintiff that the defendant Chen

, without any justifiable reason, will be the same as the plaintiff registered trademark and enterprise name "geosun" registered as their own domain name, easy to make online public mistakenly believe that the relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff and the "geosun" trademark, which damages the legitimate rights and interests of the company.

, the plaintiff requested the court to order the defendant to stop infringement, the cancellation of its registered "geosun. Net domain.

this, the defendant argued that the defendant and the plaintiff engaged in the industry is different, he is doing Service >

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