Amazon officially completed the world’s first UAV delivery 13 minutes

today, Amazon officially announced that it has officially completed the world’s first UAV delivery, and will be officially launched UAV delivery service.

Amazon CEO Geoff · today, confirmed the news on Twitter:


first Amazon UAV delivery has been officially recorded in history. This service is becoming Amazon Prime Air, will be part of the Amazon service delivery day. Delivery process, (staff) only click on the delivery, with 13 minutes, the goods are sent to the user’s home through the uav.

according to information released by Amazon, it has been completed in December 7th UAV delivery. Amazon’s headquarters in the United States there are still some obstacles to the delivery of legal barriers for unmanned aerial vehicles, so the service can only be carried out in the uk.

delivers a cargo of, an Amazon TV (Amazon Fire) and a bag of popcorn, to a user who lives in the uk. From a single user to serve the whole 13 minutes.

now, the service in the United Kingdom is only for rural and suburban areas, especially those closest to the specific warehouse area. Amazon will continue to increase the number of UAV delivery. According to the UK has now passed the authority of view, a staff member can be allowed to operate simultaneously at the same time a number of unmanned aerial vehicles.

wait for the UAV delivery users only need a small two-dimensional code on their front lawn or whatever they feel appropriate UAV safe landing place, can accurately control without the specific location of UAV landing delivery.

, however, from today’s video released by Amazon, the delivery of goods and unmanned aerial vehicles released last year, Amazon UAV UAV video is very different. Compared to last year’s video display UAV, the actual use of the UAV is smaller and the lack of fixed wing. This may mean that the delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles can not automatically go very far, but once the collision will not cause too much damage to other things.

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