The use of popular keywords zero cost to make money quickly

mentioned on the network to make money, there will be a friend of the site will naturally think of improving the site rankings, access to traffic, and thus rely on site advertising to get revenue. Yes, this is indeed one of the most typical Wangzhuan way. But for small owners, in order to achieve good results easier said than done through a search engine, it is a time-consuming and laborious work. And when we finally made the site, the Internet may have a new situation.

so, I think, in order to make money on the Internet, not only to do this way. Below I will share their experience of zero cost money.

do Wangzhuan, traffic is king, which is recognized by everyone. This flow not only to ensure the quantity, but also to ensure the quality. So where does the quantity and quality come from?. Therefore, I study the method of Wangzhuan is depending on the search engine to bring the network customer quality and quantity.

first we need to have a platform to display products to users, I do not buy their own space here, but to apply for a free portal blog. By contrast, Sina’s blog is very popular with Baidu. The same original article, sent to their site has not been included, and in the Sina blog can be quickly ranked first in the Baidu search. Relatively speaking, Google is more like Alibaba blog, so I basically use SKYCC software to promote the establishment of a lot of blog, according to the different themes of the article.

blog with the next is the content of the problem, here I want to do is to pay attention to Baidu’s list every day, looking for the most popular keywords to write original things. Because the blog was included quickly, ranking and good, so it will bring a huge amount of traffic over a period of time. Remember the eternal tower is hot, I opened the theme of the blog every day tens of thousands of traffic, and these flows from the search engine.

could hear some people here have become hot. But do not worry, we have to analyze what kind of blog can be included in the search engine and get good rankings. My experience is that the blog content must be one hundred percent original, and no less than 300 words, the title must be neatly contained popular keywords, keyword content can not be piled up too much, but must be on a group of bold treatment. In order to insurance, more in order to get more traffic, I suggest that the best use of the SKYCC software promotion tools such as multiple blogs, this article will ensure prepared against want, can be included. Some friends may say their literary talent is not good, the Never mind, after all, the search engine is not a language teacher, as long as your article is original enough, he particularly love.

The last thing

says is how to make a profit. In order to get economic benefits from the popular keywords here, we must pay attention to the matching of keywords and products. For example, when Mike and Jackson left, many fans wanted to do something to remember the king. At that time an alliance was pushed

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