Zhongshan an enterprise name registered domain name was sentenced to infringement compensation 20 th

      a fishing company in Zhejiang, on the Internet to enter the name of their company, it is displayed in a company’s Web site in Zhongshan. Reporter yesterday from the Zhongshan City Intermediate People’s court learned, because was identified as a trademark infringement, Zhongshan company to pay 20 thousand yuan for the registered domain name.

      Zhoushan Fisheries Company is a large aquatic products processing enterprises, has been using a "Pearl" trademark, the trademark has also been identified in Zhejiang Province Administration of industry and commerce, the registered trademark of Zhoushan fishery company is a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, valid for 3 years. At the end of last year, the Zhoushan fisheries company found far power company (a pseudonym) registered "WWW. Pearl.Net" Chinese domain name on the Internet, and the use of registered trademark and logo of Zhoushan fishery company of the same in the pages of foreign e-commerce and trade.

      Zhoushan Fisheries Company believes that the company violated far exclusive right to enjoy their own well-known trademark, the prosecution to the Zhongshan City Intermediate People’s court, request shall confirm the Zhoushan fishery company "Pearl" trademark as well-known trademarks, ordered the company to immediately stop far trademark infringement, and revoke the "WWW. Pearl.Net" the domain name from the Internet, and ordered the company to force far Zhoushan fishery company 20000 yuan compensation for economic losses.

      according to court review, the Zhoushan fishery company’s 3 registered trademarks in the "MINGZHU" phonetic alphabet combination and the "Pearl" Chinese text combination, is the main component of the 3 well-known trademarks. Far the company’s "Pearl" domain name, use the "Pearl" Chinese text, from the shape, pronunciation copy, imitate Zhoushan fishery company well-known trademarks of the main part, misled by the relevant public and commercial publicity for the company is to have the domain name registration, malicious damage trademark trademark registration Zhoushan fishery company. So far the court to force from the effective date of the decision to revoke the company "Pearl" domain name on the Internet within 10 days, and support the Zhoushan fishery company 20000 yuan economic compensation demands. (commissioning editor admin01)

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