How to do maternal and child market authority B2B business platform

with the foot step in the maternal and child market prospects of clear, such as maternal and child supplies company to grow up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and a maternal and child class website also crazy started the whole network congestion, indeed, since the founding of the fourth wave of baby boomers coming. Accompanied by the arrival of the baby boom, is a huge economic cycle fluctuations in maternal and child consumption market, providing a blue ocean for the mother and child website entrepreneurs. In the end what kind of business model can be shared in this part of the cake it?

strong demand for information is another feature. Due to the lack of parental knowledge, at the same time on childcare requirements higher, mothers from pregnant has an urgent desire to help, often need to consult the elders, colleagues, friends and life experience, including how to adjust the diet structure, how to prevent the disease in children, fetal education, and complex parenting skills etc.. In addition, the group has strong communication and sharing needs. New mothers generally have enough time, and willing to share with others during pregnancy, parenting experience. Therefore, they urgently need to communicate with the same platform. No ground for blame, Chinese nursery ( – a Chinese maternal information industry portal precedent, from parenting knowledge, each community exchanges provide pregnant, postpartum, newborn, labor, infancy, early childhood, each stage of the age of knowledge, but also provides a broad platform for interaction AC. Sohu, Sina, NetEase portal, but also opened up a parent-child channel, agent as the mother and child information industry. In March 2007, named "Google" and renowned Google Asia Pacific market director Wang Huainan and founder Shao Yibo hand reached the mother market, is the mother in the market business boom pushed to the peak.

from the business model point of view, the current maternal and child website can be divided into two categories: information community services and online retail category. The information community service website to Chinese nursery, the cradle, baby tree, mother said, as the representative, the main is to create a portal, providing community blog services, providing information and online communication platform for mother group. The value of such sites is to meet the needs of parents to meet the needs of information and communication, through the creation of popular community to attract advertising, in order to achieve profitability. The main category of online retail sites for children’s families related to maternal and child products, belonging to the category of B2C, the main difference between the upstream and downstream sources of profit. According to the complex degree of sales channels, can be further divided into "mode of online retail e-commerce sales catalog" and "e-commerce + catalog sales + store sales" in two, the red child, baby network as the representative, the latter to le you, good boy, eBay, cool music Phyl etc. as the representative of.

latecomers become the first, China out of the information and network industry pregnant baby retail model, open market mother B2B precedent, it is based on the maternal and infant industry, to create the first baby industry vertical e-commerce platform, the manufacturers and dealers tied to maternal and child market promotes the development of China, pregnancy baby industry the quest for the large pregnant baby products.

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