Jingdong involved in the field of maintenance users can not go out to repair the phone


technology news October 16th afternoon news, Jingdong announced a joint more than and 40 home computer, mobile phone manufacturers launched the "customer service home" plan, consumers in the Jingdong to buy computer, mobile phone products, is expected to achieve no need to go out, without detection, warranty free customer service service.

specifically, the user submitted by the network or telephone service requirements application, Jingdong will provide free home delivery service within the scope of the phone warranty. It is understood that the Jingdong has received 40 mobile phone manufacturers ZTE, SONY, cool, Lenovo and other Nubian, customer service service authorization.

Jingdong group vice president Wang Zhijun said, the Jingdong has established a maintenance center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi’an, the national team has reached nearly 1000 people, and is equipped with 800 maintenance personnel, these personnel are through technical training partners in the training, examination to get compliance authorized. The maintenance of all accessories are from manufacturers direct supply.

is currently the Jingdong "customer service home support only during the warranty period of the computer and mobile phone products, Wang Zhijun said not to consider the product warranty and maintenance of non Jingdong sales. He also said that the current Jingdong to do this is the main purpose of the service, the company did not do the expected profits and plans.

Jingdong said, according to the internal test, compared with the traditional Jingdong customer service repair station to save much cost, for example, the store manager, Jingdong to pay the cost of logistics is. In the Jingdong to become a manufacturer of online maintenance station, the revenue model and the traditional maintenance station model, each machine manufacturers will pay a maintenance fee.

it is understood that in the home customer service mode, Jingdong computer, mobile phone products customer service maintenance completion time is shortened to 3 days, the user in the warranty period, submit the application from the online, to receive the maintenance of good products, basically can be completed within a week, and not with the detection of single user, and will not produce the extra cost.

analysts believe that the use of the Internet thinking Jingdong involved in the field of maintenance, although it will invest a huge cost, but for the traditional maintenance industry is very large impact on the 3C industry service system will have an impact. (Lin Ming)

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