On line less than 3 years into the mother and baby Unicorn honey bud do right

The latest

CEO honey bud Liu Nan often update honey bud in the circle of friends in July this year, honey bud invited more than 10 industry "Red Net Weiyu" at the Shanghai International Exhibition on maternal and child, finished the day 3 days of uninterrupted live, is also the first to get involved in the enterprise live baby industry.


cross-border maternal experienced in 2014 of germination, 2015’s explosive reshuffle, 2016 entered the final stage, "set up" industry pattern settles early valuation TOP300 2016 Unicorn enterprises announced in the honey bud iResearch, to the whole industry fifty-ninth valuation, ranking top baby industry.


and the mother is open every day countless times honey bud, behind what exactly do you give us what inspiration?

put aside too much for the honey bud business strategy is not to build the conjecture, maternal ecology, from the real honey bud commercial architecture in the design and marketing innovation, look for everyone is the electricity supplier industry, what are the practical inspiration and reference.

inspired a: clear positioning three jump

The history of the development of

back honey bud baby, you will find honey bud continuously in the self revolution and strategy to upgrade from the original business, to the community, and then extended to + + + community online and offline experiential content service.

the first phase, the electricity supplier. As a full-time mother Liu Nan, began to love. At that time, the role of the honey bud, starting from the spontaneous original interest, did not reach the conscious positioning stage.

as a purely vertical electricity supplier, honey bud service maternal and child population, providing standard maternal and child products. Over the past few years, whether it is from a multi dimension category, brand, supply chain, influence, user base, sales scale, too much to take, after several rounds of investment industry hanzhan honey bud is no longer the past, epiphytic on a large platform of small Taobao store.


(general manager Liu Nan and honey bud CEO Greater China Felix, Procter & Gamble spokesperson Mrs. king Kunling signed a cooperation in Japan and Osaka)

from the end of June 2016 sales, honey bud single monthly GMV (trading platform) has more than 400 million yuan, while in 2014 the honey bud a year of turnover was 350 million yuan.

second stage, electricity supplier + community.

and a lot of daily consumption is not the same, maternal and child supplies consumption, in fact, the threshold is very high — the first time when the mother of the users, when selecting products, choose the brand, business platform of the highly sensitive nervous and confused. The main channel of learning how to be a mother from the vertical social networks, learn from other mother carefully avoid minefields and reefs, how to buy Infant goods.

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