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Liu Huan, vice president of Central University of Finance and Economics School of Taxation: electricity providers should be set up tax levy threshold

e-commerce companies or individuals should pay taxes should be, but the problem is not sign up." Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of Taxation vice president Liu Huan told the Beijing morning news reporter said, whether it is B2B, or C2C, the biggest problem is that the tax levy means and the level is not enough, not just Chinese, this is a difficult problem in the world.

Liu Huan said, generally speaking, the enterprise tax to tax registration, business accounts and so on, but for e-commerce, whether it is the flow of information, logistics and cash flow are conducted through the Internet, supervision is very difficult, especially some online virtual products can be traded, such as online games, music, books and electronic equipment more difficult to control and so on.

"in fact, not only online transactions, even the store transactions, taxation is also a very difficult thing." Liu Huan said, "for example, in the store, some people in charge of the self-employed only apply for a license, but in fact his turnover may billion, there is also a problem of how to define the nature of the enterprise".

in the asymmetric information and identification of high cost, how to tax electricity supplier C2C class? Liu Huan suggested, first, to try to block the loopholes in online transactions, trading volume is very high so that some stores appear; on the other hand, it should set a certain threshold, the cutoff point is not taxed up sign above a tax in terms of turnover "comprehensive tax", rather than separately on value-added tax, income tax, in order to reduce the tax cost.

shop current survival situation has been worrying, there are network opinion that this situation should not be taxed at this time. In this regard, Liu Huan said that the government and taxpayers are born there is a game, this is a kind of objective existence, the world is so, but like some Nordic high tax countries, people do not have too many complaints, mainly because these countries provide a perfect cover and other aspects of public service, and we in the use of tax there are losses, waste and corruption phenomenon, causing public resentment of the tax, so the tax is very important to improve the supervision system.

Foreign Trade University International Business School professor Wang Surong: electricity supplier tax should be set up two years of tax exemption period

"any kind of physical transaction, and to make money for the purpose of behavior should be taxed." The controversy exists on the network, Wang Surong said, compared with physical stores, e-commerce is not special, should pay tax, but a lot of problems in e-commerce transactions, the tax department is very difficult to find out the real, because online trading marks can be removed.

although this, but the network is not entirely in the vacuum. Wang Surong said, at present many shop selling things need real name registration, and also need to provide bank account, which provides the conditions for the tax department verified turnover. But there are a number of systems on the Internet

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