What is the best way to make money

is one of the Internet sites to make money the best way to make money, but not all sites have a lot of money, and not everyone can earn money! Why? There are two reasons: one is the website does not make money no traffic, two is not a good choice model to make money. For a long time in the traffic SEO training friends should not be a problem, here to talk to us what is the best site profitable mode! Website model to make money a lot, but the general website can choose which is the common web sites to make money mode! Like good website traffic to sell advertising delivery GG advertising, put Baidu theme promotion, selling links and so on, these sites make money is not particularly good! If your site traffic is not particularly large, that is not how to make money


I have a website to make money is the best way to make money to make money online, of course, there is a certain truth, a SEO, a 200IP every day above the site should be easy! But one day the 200IP website for advertising GG, put Baidu theme promotion, every day may just to earn a 1-3 yuan! So why one day 200IP sites will be so few? The reason is that your site choice model to make money is not good! In front by talking about selling advertising, advertising GG, put Baidu theme promotion, this kind of model to make money selling links is not make much money especially the flow! No more than 5000

website!What is the best way to make money

website? Do make money for several years, I summed up the conclusion is: do make money you have to sell products, only to sell the product is king! And it is better to sell profiteering products! You know? Some only sell a single product profits, earn hundreds of thousands of yuan can ah! So your site even if the flow is small, can be a single transaction than you put ads to make money every month! Not to mention more than a single month will sell! Of course, if you want to sell products, you have to do a good job position in the website before, do the site, you to flow is what, that is to say when your site has the flow, and the directional flow of something, then you have on your website sales this directional crowd is desirable, as I recently did what whitening Good website, wait for the traffic, the need is directional crowd whitening! You said my website to 100IP every day, I sell whitening products on the site, how many will buy me every day! And cosmetics profits quite high


can have some friends doubt: I don’t have a product to sell, I’m not profiteering products, how do ah! So I can only put GG advertising each earn a few dollars in advertising! Friends, I want to tell you: no product, your website can also make money selling products to you! No light can still lucrative product sales profits products on the website


we have never thought that we do not have to sell their products can help others to sell ah! Now there are many people who are profiteering products, like we add

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