Opinions vary true car electricity supplier in the road where

close to November 11th, the topic of the car electricity supplier and noisy. In recent years, the topic of the car electricity supplier has been repeatedly mentioned, the car electricity supplier model has been discussed several times, around what is the real car electricity supplier, the topic, the opinions vary, each with a different interpretation. What is the real car electricity supplier, how can we achieve true car electricity supplier needs to be analyzed from several aspects.

normalization is the premise of the electricity supplier

is a "real business" the industry has a variety of views about what some people think is a Car Buying, some people think that is to solve the problem of price transparency, some people think that the diversified services, no matter what kind of view, November 11th day to solve the problem, a day to meet the needs of users, it can not be called a true the real car electricity supplier, electricity supplier must be 365 days to solve the problem of the user, to meet customer needs. It can be said that the normalization of electricity supplier is true to talk about the authenticity of the electricity supplier based on the premise or.

said that for three reasons. First, relative to the short way, normalization can be more continuous and stable to undertake business, formed a complete business chain, so that the entire car business health work. Second, the normalization of the road can continue to develop the user’s Car Buying demand, user demand is Car Buying must have a growth cycle, not short-term sales can be spawned, only the normalization of the platform products can accompany the user needs to mature. Third, the car business is a whole industry chain of things, will face online payment service, customer service, test drive experience a lot of problems, combined with the need of O2O mode online and offline, single point blasting mode is difficult to ensure that the entire part of the user experience. Without the skin, maojiangyanfu? Very state, talk about what really business. The very state of the electric car, just castles in the air, the short-term price promotions are not a permanent solution.

November 11th is not yet, the fierce propaganda campaign has begun. From the industry and the consumer’s perspective, the most noteworthy is the car with Tmall. BITAUTO said concern because the current point of view, only BITAUTO automotive vertical websites in a high normal banner, always adhere to the normal development strategy. In 2014, the car has been on the road of exploration and practice of normal business, I think the most important breakthrough is from different latitude user needs and business model to construct two normal business platform: the benefits of buying a car with the car mall. These two platforms were docking dealers and auto manufacturers demand for electricity providers, for them to find their own electricity supplier development path, providing the realization of the electricity supplier model and daily online sales channels. Look at Tmall’s attention, not just its cooperation with sina, but also as a veteran of the integrated electricity supplier platform, the impact of the electricity business district can no longer, has solved the problem of normalization. But need to see is that it is a novice in the automotive field, the car is still the electricity supplier brand display and occasional short-term promotions based. Although it does not achieve the true meaning of the normalization of electricity providers, but Tmall with a huge user base and integrated business platform operations experience

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