Jingdong start all over the world to find fresh activities to open the world to find fresh mode

Donews8 on Sept. 16 news (reporter Qiu Hui) 16, the Jingdong of fresh global strategy signing ceremony held in the headquarters of the Jingdong, Jingdong fresh division president Wang Xiaosong said at the ceremony, the Jingdong started searching the world fresh fresh "series of activities will be selected from the global station, global fresh origin.

Wang Xiaosong mentioned that the era of consumer upgrades, the most just need to reflect the upgrade of food consumption than. AC Nielsen’s research report shows that there are products from a variety of origin is one of the main reasons consumers choose fresh online shopping, accounting for up to 47%.

according to its introduction, China consumers through the Jingdong fresh platform will be available from France, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions of high quality fresh products, South Africa, Thailand red grapefruit delicious coconut, durian, Malaysia pitaya, Vietnam Spanish ham, Canada fresh quality of white shrimp, crab, Ecuador salmon in chile.

Wang Xiaosong said, no matter how high quality products, are inseparable from the distribution of the last mile, which directly determines the consumer’s online shopping experience. Jingdong powerful platform capability and logistics advantages based on Jingdong actively establish cross-border fresh fresh import bonded warehouse, the maximum compression multinational fresh goods supply chain, reduce intermediate links, to provide faster and more secure shopping experience for consumers, will also import fresh compressed to the lowest cost as much as possible."

industry believes that in 2016 China’s fresh electricity supplier into the shuffle stage, the industry gradually raise the threshold. Import fresh industry is able to have more space, you need to origin, channels, logistics systems and other support.

data show that Jingdong is China’s self operated electricity supplier companies and China’s considerable income scale Internet companies. The I data type that, as of June 30, 2016, the Jingdong has 7 logistics centers in the country, operating 234 large warehouses, with 6756 distribution stations and points, covering 2639 counties nationwide. The opening of the fresh global station means that Jingdong will have a further layout on imported fresh.

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