Google PR value for some of the effects of love Shanghai optimization

so, why so much love for the optimization of Shanghai station also dedicated to Google? Guangzhou Ding Sheng Building Foundation Engineering Co., Xiaobian looking for friends of the chain will encounter such an embarrassing situation: the website ranking, love Shanghai weight, chain number, and are included to be roughly the same party website, and in general index of stability but also slightly better than the other sites, but Google PR value is 3, but the other insisted to friends of the chain website Google value of 5 or above. After love Shanghai several times algorithm updates, other website ranking dropped. Simple analysis of the friends of the chain, Google other site even though the value of it in more than 5, but love Shanghai weights are not high, not included, ranking general, comprehensive quality is not high, so it can give a website chain weight and traffic are very few.

both the optimization effect analysis, in site chain exchange, or website judgment and so on, Google PR value is evaluation standards and is one of the most important indicators of priority. In our website optimization of the long historical process, Google PR has occupied such a position and direction about our website optimization. The passage of time, Google has already withdrawn from the market China, search engine optimization, also experienced a lot of changes. Whether the webmaster should ask for love, we adhere to the optimization of Shanghai, where Google PR value of the meaning of

in addition, Google PR value for love seems to have little significance to optimize Shanghai. Love Shanghai ranking rules before is also affected by the Google Google PR value, the higher the PR of the website, the website means better quality, the ranking will be more forward. But with the improvement of ranking rules love Shanghai, love Shanghai has greatly reduced the Google PR value for the love of Shanghai ranking search results, the most obvious change is the home page ranking website, Google PR value is not high, and love Shanghai weight becomes the primary indicators of judging the merits of the site.

as we all know, Google PR value has great reference significance for the website optimization. Because Google’s algorithm relies entirely on the nature of the machine algorithm, so it can accurately reflect the quality of a web site. The chain number, the weight of the chain level, the quality of the site, can be reflected from the PR value of Google. At this point, Google PR value reflects the data to be more real than the love of Shanghai, but also has the reference significance.


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short, Xiao Bian believes that if the owners will be positioned in the website optimization love Shanghai, then it should be formulated according to the corresponding love Shanghai and the parameters of the site optimization scheme and reference to optimize the love sea, such as Shanghai love ranking is the most intuitive factors, followed by weight included, etc.. Of course, if it is for Google optimization, Google PR value will have more important significance. You should first consider the object of website optimization, and then select the reference index to the effect of website optimization in order to achieve the ideal of such.

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