Shanghai to promote love website included quantity and time of the snapshot update

three: solve their own hard to write original articles can also be included, the construction of new sites to just very useful, or that sentence, the search engine will be included which are useful article, and this article you are on the Internet exposure rate is high, the search engine will be more useful, so when you have the original article finished, can to other high weight forum to send, of course, to link with, or the others became the site! As long as the exposure rate is high, but also bring the link address search engine that can be traced to the value of a good, your site will be included in this article!


if the station under construction see love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guide we will know, website content must be updated every day, the best is the high quality original article, can be included in this love Shanghai, but many people do so, find the amount included in the site and did not increase, the snapshot time nor quick update, this is really people all at sea touched the head! After analysis and know a lot of people because of the wrong understanding of the Shanghai dragon related knowledge, and to optimize the Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, think Shanghai Longfeng optimization only two things, one is the chain, one is content, the two do indeed affect the site of great help however, with the Shanghai dragon also need other methods can really play its effect, here is my advice!

: the original articles do not necessarily reproduced than high quality, although high quality original theory, but the search engine is to improve the user experience, is to give their users in the first time which provide useful page, if you write the original article is of no use, it is more than natural not useful articles! So in the update site, must not each are original, on the one hand, your energy is not enough, on the other hand, the original also not be included, increasing the reprint volume and pseudo original volume, through quantitative change to cause qualitative change, so it can greatly improve the amount collected your site! Also increased their Internet exposure

two: reprint articles as long as a good grasp, still can be included, only want to reprint down others ZhengZhan articles, it is plagiarism cheating, as long as the reprint articles quality is high enough, but because the network is often the site open or other questions, the quality that a search engine well, will be reproduced in the article included a backup, the other is the weight of your site is high enough, like Sina, Tencent, etc. most of the above article are reproduced with each other, it is because of high weight, nature will be included in

four: update the website every time quantitative, to increase the weight of the site of great help, though started are not well included, but once the weight came up, these are not included in the article will be included, of course in the update site to remember is three days fishing, two days of drying, no this rule, it will affect the weights of the website promotion! By updated daily, a snapshot of the site will be updated.


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