Objectively the advantages and disadvantages of station group strategy



compared to the owners, can do station group at present is still a few, because stations need to invest the money and energy is very great. Stations need to buy a lot of space, domain name, in order not to be concentrated on the search engine, also need to use a different IP, which requires special purchase VPS. In addition to search engine links in IP between, will also consider the similarity of web content. A station group requires each site to install a separate web program, and website maintenance, domain name, filing and other issues will be around you. Station group content sources must be collected, and the end of June, fell in love with the sea.

The basic structure of

station group operation success as a result of the search engine link voting mechanism, some stations may be mutual Links, some stations may be one-way sprocket, but no matter what kind, because usually do station group is the target keywords unified, so this will ensure the relevance of the website content. The correlation is extremely important for the search engine, so it is easy to produce a good website ranking.

The number of

now talk about Shanghai Longfeng some so-called high-end skills, always think of the Webmaster Station Group, sprocket and other keywords. In fact, station group is a kind of cheating, which is from the search engine strategies can treat stations station to see, because the treatment station group, the search engine has been the attitude is suppressed, but the station group really can benefit to the station, so this led to some Adsense collar on the tiles to all stations as the site of survival. The actual group there has its own advantages and disadvantages, we need an objective understanding of the station group, rational use of station group advantage, this is the right way.



station group inferior


composite structure of

station group the success of another reason is the search engine has not yet reached the identification of all stations model technical requirements, some experienced Webmaster Station Group model design, almost no difference between the normal and the website links, so standing group of strategy in the future for a long period of time there will be great the market. Of course, even if the station group is bad, it will be the search engine that is of no avail, because the search engine to detect stations is the need for a certain period, many owners through the station group to create tens of thousands of garbage station, each station can reach tens of thousands of IP, and then set up through the station window, will flow into all the formal station so, to normal station brings huge traffic, even after a period of time of dumpster is search engine removed, the follow-up will have a large number of websites to keep up with the front of the pace.

senior station group structure


station group

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