On the increase of website content included promotion content ranking problem

page of the weight factors also affect the content of the page ranking key, generally the higher the weight of the site, the site’s ranking will be better, so the content page ranking will be better. Thus when the weight of a web site is relatively small, even if their release is the original content, even if it is to be made, it is difficult to schedule a good ranking, and those with a low weight website, the content page is original, once those high weight website reproduced in the past, it included and give love Shanghai high ranking or those reproduced high weight website, although the love of Shanghai’s original spark program has a certain improvement, but the computer algorithm clearly but the brain’s cheating, so there are still some original high weight site theft problem.


therefore solve the website content included but not the best method of ranking will be from the following several respects. First of all you want to clear the content of writing, what you want to express in the content, which should be as the preferred vocabulary words, which words can be used as the long tail keywords, and then to keep the readability of the content in the writing process, can bring the help to the user, you should know that love Shanghai algorithm after years of reform, now want to love Shanghai included some garbage text has been very difficult, so keep text readability is very important.

how can enhance the content of the website ranking? It will first understand the key factors affecting the content of ranking and algorithm to love Shanghai. For the love of Shanghai is obviously not love algorithm, pseudo original content, then love is what Shanghai through the algorithm to determine whether the content is not the original or false original? According to a study of Shanghai love spiders, generally are the content of text in denoising, then compared the corresponding article, once found the high repetition rate will be considered pseudo original.

many optimization experts said, after the love of spiders in Shanghai to deal with the noise in the content pages of text, and then refresh the page words frequency to determine which words appear more frequently, it will be considered keywords of the page, the acquaintance degree will increase, so when the spider search ranking time will this, keywords are aligned to the user supplied content as possible in front of reading.

for the webmaster friends, improve website content included skills basically is easy to understand, high quality is nothing more than the original or false original, but how these rankings included content increasing, and thus to increase site traffic, often becomes difficult, even so many webmaster into cheating the misunderstanding, finally not only did not realize the website content ranking increases, therefore even causing the site to be search engine punishment, even the original rankings are lost. For example, many webmaster friends in order to enhance the weight of web content, the keywords way to enhance exposure, this way has been with the search engine algorithm continues to mature, it is easy to be found, and the corresponding punishment of cheating website.


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