How to use love Shanghai quiz platform simple and quick to dig the long tail keywords

is not difficult for us to find love Shanghai know and love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know more tend to get traffic through the long tail keywords. For example, SKF bearing the word, as long as we love Shanghai know in search of the keywords, will find a lot of question and answer questions are long tail keywords we need, as shown below, the answer can become the title we grab a long tail keywords Easy Access good.

two: grab


, with the help of love Shanghai know the search drop-down box

selection method of long tail keywords are many, of course we should do this several ways to more accurately find what we want. "

often use love Shanghai know users will find, like love Shanghai search in the search box, love Shanghai know there is a drop-down box. A drop-down box data in general is the current search of large amount of long tail keywords. Some people think that love in Shanghai search drop-down list box is not the same as down, but we can find love in Shanghai search drop-down box word keywords are generally some of the mainstream, and love Shanghai know the search drop-down box is usually composed of several words long tail key words, so the Shanghai know more love to get the long tail keywords.

Some owners may not have the patience to

for those competitive keywords, usually by some large sites in his hands. As a small site for long tail keywords is a big source of traffic. And with other related keywords, long tail keywords can obtain more accurate target keywords. Although most of the webmaster all understand, but very few people will go to the deep grab. Most people are using the search drop-down box and relevant search search results, but most people use these methods is not possible to find the best long tail keywords.

a slowly find the title, we can also use a small way to quickly find, we can through the content page "relevant content" this sector grab. We can enter a relevant search results, find the relevant section, general content in the plate are content with our goal of long tail keywords strong correlation. We can through the analysis of the related content and title more quickly find the target of long tail keywords we want.

from Q & a title

three, from the relevant content of plate to grab

then there are other ways available? If you care enough, you will find a lot of places where you can find the target of long tail keywords we want, I want to say today is through love Shanghai quiz platform, love Shanghai know, everyone should learn to love Shanghai know is a current development has tended to mature the platform has many platforms above users, the amount of data update is very large. Today I share how to use love Shanghai encyclopedia to grab our target keywords.

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