love Shanghai’s website weight increased

and the second is the site in the first half of this time, I was almost every day to write original articles to update the site, adhere to the external in some sites above the chain every day, which I feel is one of the main reasons for the love of Shanghai website weight judgment, although sometimes the morning sometimes in the afternoon update, update, update time is a little time (because I work in three shifts) but in general I every day to update the site, so that the search engine is absolutely friendly, if a website for a long time did not update or update not the words, so every time the spider visit to your site and found no fresh for a long time, it is very unfriendly, because that is the case in his eyes, it will think you are a very good webmaster, slowly it will also give you the net Stand down the right to decline in ranking.

spatial instability is a major cause of the slow rise of the weight. Also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization articles on the web at the surface, the contents of the website server space talked about accounted for the proportion is not small, the stability of a website space can also decide whether the site can be a major factor of success. The site visit speed, when the time to visit your site search engine is also very smooth, so it is very friendly to spiders, visit the user >

first the site is not very short time online, from online to now have more than half of the time, the weight of love Shanghai generally treat space domain space domain is sometimes according to the length of time to judge, one of the main reasons why this is not love but the judgment of the weight of the Shanghai.

some time ago out of a can check the weight of Shanghai love tools, I have used for a period of time can still feel today, use this tool to check my L-carnitine site, I found this website love Shanghai unexpectedly to the weight of 3, was really excited me to death, a few days ago or 1 actually, today has risen to 3 weight, although this kind of tool for checking weight is only a reference to love Shanghai, but it also makes me excited. I then checked the many rows in front of me a few websites, found their love for Shanghai is 2 and the weight of about 3, up to 3 weight, I sum up the love why Shanghai will give me the weight of the station 3.

there is the quality of the article, I have seen a lot of the same industry website, their domain name is not short of time, but their weight is not very high, open their website look, the contents inside simply look disgusting, what is called the chaos ah, seven down, read not a sentence, absolute garbage article, this article we all look very uncomfortable, not to mention the search engine, not to mention what the user experience. When the search engine is not a fool, even if you want quality of the original also false false high point, now their technology is more and more perfect, they are able to distinguish the quality of the article, I feel the quality is to enhance a website weight is the main reason.

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