How to use the foreign trade site news event for high flow in the noble baby and Bing

as a main nobility baby and Bing optimization foreign trade site how we prepare and participate in, through the news to get more traffic? The author from the 5 points to share their views.

can be found in our noble baby and Bing in the major news events in SERP content are very different. We found that the authority of the noble baby information will be more inclined to give priority to news sources, a good ranking is usually some authoritative media, such as time magazine and so on. In contrast, Bing will have more news, more information can be derived from twitter or MSN.

The In this report a news search results in

1, the news of the form: now whether the search engine or visitors will be more favored for containing multimedia news, if you major news events with pictures or video, do not believe there is wrong role for improving the content of the authority and will attract visitors.


noble baby and Bing in breaking news events of the search results page (hereinafter referred to as SERP) exist among a series of differences. These differences are related to the site of the US foreign trade as how to better through the major news events to get more traffic. First of all we need to know the difference between the two SERP. A recent for three different types of major news events common noble baby and Bing search results ranking. These three types of news are international news, the latest news of the latest news and local economy. The survey found that the two major news events of the search engine SERP has a big difference, which is the main difference in the factors of authority, information for multimedia information and real-time information of attention is different. Then we have to look at the major news events of this noble baby and Bing SERP are not the same as what. We can simply pay more attention to the authority of the noble baby, real-time Bing tends to news. As shown in figure

2, the use of social networks: the history of the development of social network alarming, especially the international social network, Facebook, twitter and other social networks is the main platform for many foreign friends to gain information. You can use your social network, to spread the important news event information better.

, and proposed an interesting phenomenon, that is in the news of incidents in SERP are generally not what the auction advertisement. Of course, in addition to the authority of the search engine to improve the news, there is one of the main reasons is that the advertising business do not want to be involved in news events. For example, if you are an airline, you will want your bidding advertising appears in the incident plane crash news search results page



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