Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website to promote mobile Mobile optimization practical guide lec

love for Shanghai, not much difference between the mobile site quality and PC, but still has its particularity.

from the technical side, the site opened faster than PC more stringent requirements, 3 seconds to become the critical point; in the site language, love Shanghai suggested that the site selection of HTML5; and responsive site for the webmaster has been tangled love, Shanghai also made efforts to support this type is technically, please go do.

love Shanghai mobile search in the discovery, collection, sorting, optimization of the important content of each link. That is the most important link of the website how to submit the matching relation, how to correct mistakes included; links published for the first time love Shanghai mobile web crawling construction flow chart, and tell the webmaster how to make love Shanghai accurate identification of PC pages and mobile page, including the response type site solution how to love friendly in Shanghai; webmaster most sorting links concern, training focuses on the existing mobile search results, and the factors affecting mobile sort, including regional, speed, PC stations; optimization from the actual experience of answers to common questions in the optimization of the site, the webmaster guide out of misunderstanding.

would be the first from the client perspective has good accessibility, allowing users to access information quickly and easily; secondly the content of the website is of value to users, this is the topic is actually a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a detailed interpretation of love in 2014 Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the "web search quality white book"; again, the user experience is good, this is the love of Shanghai has been insisted on.

discovery, collection, sorting, optimization of dry cargo layer

love Shanghai in the eyes of the high quality mobile station

The key of this training is to explain Finally,

training, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will change in the second half love Shanghai mobile search will be included, capture, analysis on the told webmaster, and pointed out the direction of the station. The tool is currently only on "protection" and "close station website" does not support the mobile station, all future tools will support the mobile station. Love will be in Shanghai Webmaster Platform owners love Shanghai and the role of web search and mobile search center take more and more important, better for the station service, to meet with.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website to promote mobile

training with "love Shanghai mobile search is not mobile on the export volume of 200 million" this huge data as a start, from the discovery, collection, sorting, optimization of four practical direction layers of interpretation, at the end of the mobile search technology is prospected, and the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile station, in which network to provide support.

April 28th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "VIP Forum – Mobile Website Optimization practical tutorial" lecture, full interpretation of love of Shanghai mobile search included, database building and related content adaptation. People贵族宝贝.cn, the chain of home network, eLong nearly 50 people from all walks of life quality site technical responsible person to participate, have said very fruitful, solve the doubts and problems encountered in the work of many.

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