Mining video website Shanghai Longfeng promotion way

in new start, choose the long tail word promotion is slightly easier to work. Video station has its own particularity, in the choice of when there are certain skills. First of all, the film is the timeliness of each movie search index is always changing, and the film just when the index is very attractive. If you have enough weight, the film name for the theme of the content there will be a natural ranking. But most stations in an accumulation period, the weight is not enough, but to fight domestic tycoon, to choose the words to promote long-term stability. For example, "the long tail word the latest movie" expansion, and most of the webmaster is doing. Long term accumulation, site flow is the key. Accumulate slowly, waiting for the late outbreak. We must pay attention to these words in the choice of competition when doing video station too much, according to user habits determine film and TV play different words related to the kingly way. Mining competition small word have promotion to the high possibility.


personally think that no matter what station do Shanghai dragon must do well in the station optimization, then.

two, the accumulation of different choice of different station long tail words, extended long tail word types;

three, the word chosen to push

just search a movie, you can see the innumerable video website. The video site to bring traffic particularly impressive, in search of the movie, in addition to large domestic video website shows, more personal webmaster video site, but mostly by domestic traffic video station absorption. The most annoying and Baidu action more and more, in the search part of the film, many results are let love Qiyi Shanghai’s occupation of the first, second and third encyclopedia, application. This monopoly allows other video station too much to handle, personal webmaster do video station is even more difficult to survive. The large video station naturally there are other forms of promotion are loyal customers. For the individual movie station, can only rely on keywords to get traffic in Shanghai dragon. I now own some views about the promotion of.



people know the importance of the content, this is not to say with.

the choice of words is one of the most critical steps, a variety of ways to expand, various types of words, choose the suitable site for individual keywords from the main push. This is done when the station’s strategy. Choose the word, out of the promotion. The way outside the station outside the station and base station, the station is quite familiar with the work, also can be a very good grasp. Outside the station is to promote the chain, can use the way of exchange chain, soft, blog, forum, favorites, the effect of these ways is decreasing.


, a new content should be rich, and false original as far as possible to reduce the repetition of


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