The construction site outside the chain which Shanghai Longfeng thoughtful ideas worth er

first, strategy and idea of the construction of the chain is the key. We go to some BBS to link some factory for the construction of the chain many times, the number of rushing to rise, but the decline is fantastic website weight missing this is what reason, in fact, we do not only pay attention to the construction of the chain number, must be based on grasping the quality of the assessment to the construction of the chain way. We use the soft Wen contribute as an example, I most love to share their own original articles, A5 article to share, can bring a lot of copyright reproduced, even if A5 can only keep a pure text links, also in other forums than we left on the anchor text link but also useful, we judge the quality of the chain depends not only on the the weight, the influence of the chain platform where the traffic for the value chain is very obvious, the higher the weight of the site more influence. I recommend some in addition to A5, Shanghai dragon why original area, tui18 area is our submission of the original direction.

as everyone knows, the construction site outside the chain has been an indispensable part in the process of ascension website weight, is also the Shanghai dragon Er is often a hot topic, as a webmaster how to build the site outside the chain of high quality, is every webmaster are constantly exploring problems, but the moment with the escalating love Shanghai algorithm, the the platform for the anchor text of the chain increased requirements, the construction of the chain seems to have entered a bottleneck period, in fact, the author thinks otherwise, the construction of the chain or by some rules, the author will do a detailed analysis and under.

third, to understand the other site is down the right moment in the process in the construction of the chain. This is especially Links, although other website weight high, snapshot, but if the blind and other sites link exchange, sometimes we suffered heavy losses, the key point is to analysis the other site is down the right, such as the other site home page, check the other main keywords ranking and so on we can see some the clue, right down the site we must stay away from love for Shanghai, efforts to combat bad site wide, if not our site is implicated by this so we must do the detailed analysis and consideration.

fourth, the chain construction site is the best natural not deliberately. When I was in the construction of the chain keep >

second, the chain of correlation principle. The first point is mainly to clarify the weight and flow impact on the quality of the chain, of course this way high operation difficulty, many grassroots within sight but beyond reach, this time we have second ways, according to the relevant principles we can go to some good relativity such as classification information platform, and the correlation between the partners to counterparts of friendship these links, the chain for the website value is relatively high, the main operation is very simple, no contribution so difficult, very suitable for the grassroots, in the release process first ensure you outside of the chain platform and its own website, to compare related industries, in consideration of other websites, such as snapshot weight of course, these points have so much the better.

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